Sherpa Adding New Functionality, Refreshing UI

geodelicOne of our favorite apps for Android so far, Sherpa, is a prime example location-awareness done right.  Already a great app to begin with, it’s about to get greater.  We received an advance notice that Geodelic is gearing up to release Sherpa 2.0 in December with improved speeds and a host of new features.

The first thing that users should notice is that the app loads 40% faster than its predecessor. The burst can be attributed to optimization and code retooling.  Also immediately visible is a refreshed user interface.  You can see from the pictures that Sherpa makes better use of the space and cleaned up the graphics.  Dare we say that it looks iPhone-esque in its design?

Among the new features in Sherpa 2.0 is integration with other API’s and tools.  For example, OpenTable makes it possible to reserve a table at a restaurant while CinemaSource gives you movie showtimes for the second half of your date night.  Twitter also gets mixed in as well.  As Geodelic explains it, “cupcake connoisseurs will automatically see tweets with codewords to get free cupcakes when they look at their mobile phones at Sprinkles Cupakes locations.”

Keep an eye out for the official press release from Geodelic as it should be hitting the wire in the coming weeks.  If your an iPhone user, you’ll be happy to know that they’re releasing a free app in early 2010 for you too.

  • Want this for Europe, too! Looks awesome and all reviews sound awesome, too.

  • When it first came out, it was so slow it was unusable on my G1. Nice to hear they've been working on that. I'll give it another try.

  • They seem to be copying Where?

  • Mike

    One thing you should mention with all of the new Android users out there that this is a T-Mobile app only. If you do not have T-Mobile service this app will not show up in the Market.

  • Bob

    Finally someone mentions this little detail. I am on Verizon and couldn't understand why it wasn't in the market.

  • Sign up to be a tester for the upcoming beta of the Droid / Android 2.0 compatible Geodelic app at

  • Garet

    Can anyone tell me how to add info to sherpa? My bar doesn't show up when I search under "bars and nightclubs" in my area

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