Parrot’s “Grande Specchio” Android-Based Digital Frame

1Parrot has decided that simply displaying pics of your loved ones isn’t enough for their Specchio digital picture frame.  They believe you should be able to pull up RSS feeds, weather updates, browse the internet and more with it.  Enter the Grande Specchio which does all this and more. 

The Android-based picture frame has a dedicated email address so it’s easy to send pics to it while on the go with your phone.  This is where similarities to a T-Mobile Cameo end.  One can also send pictures via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB or an SD card.  Oh, it can also pull pictures from Picasa, Flickr and more!

The Parrot says it can support up to 1,500 pictures displaying them on a high resolution LCD color screen with 720×480 pixels. The display also doubles s a mirror when not is use.  Looking very polished and finished frome every angle, this is one sytlish photo frame. Of course this style comes at a price – this unit will set you back $650.00!  A formal announcement is expected on November 17th.

I’m now accepting stocking stuffers, so feel free.

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  1. chewtoy
    November 12, 00:13 Reply

    Ok, that's just a stupid price.

    I'm pretty sure I could buy a 15" LCD and a gumstick computer for less that that and just run my own distro. Now drop the price to $250 or so and we're talkin…

  2. Eric
    November 17, 22:04 Reply

    Haha, at that price they might sell 2 or 3….

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