An Open Letter to Droid Owners

open_letterWelcome Droid Owners.

It’s great to have you here. You might be reading this on your home computer or possibly on your 3.7-inch touch-sensitive display with a resolution of 854×480 pixels, 16 million color depth with a physical screen size of 45.72 mm by 81.34mm. Either way, welcome! It’s great to have you on board; pull up a seat, make yourself comfortable.

You will find that those of us lugging around the nearly obsolete G1s, MyTouches and more, are a very welcoming bunch. We don’t hate. We know you are loving the power of your 3G network and we are really super happy for you. Those of us forced to settle on Android 1.6 aren’t mad at you for enjoying all the wonder of 2.0. Heck no! If it’s not us that gets to enjoy multiple email accounts, consolidated contacts and an improved browser then we are glad it’s you.

We don’t need a phone that doubles as a GPS navigation system with 3D views, turn-by-turn voice guidance and automatic rerouting. Nah, we are a rough bunch; when we get lost we roll down the window and ask for directions! That’s right, takes a real man (without a GPS enabled phone) to ask for directions!

A 5 megapixel camera? Ha, I mean I’m sure you are happy with it what with the autofocus, video recorder and all. But, the amazing fuzziness of my 3 megapixel camera makes me look younger and fit. Or at least it makes it so no one can really tell for sure when they see the pic.

You have a neat little docking station too huh? Props up your phone for you at night, makes it look like a little alarm clock. That’s really cute, but not all that necessary is it? I mean I lay my phone next to the socks I intend to wear the next morning. That way I can see the time, hear my alarm and easily access my morning footwear. Mhm, I know your Droid can’t do that what with the docking station thing and all but don’t hate. We don’t. We welcome all Droid owners into the Android world!

Sure you have more RAM, more ROM, more megapixels, more hardware parts and allegedly better 3G coverage, but it’s all good. We are all Android here, right? So welcome to your new favorite web site. Enjoy your new phone. Participate in our discussions, and if we ever get the chance to meet I will make sure to give you a hearty pat on the back. Make sure you have a firm hold on your shiny new Droid. Would hate for it to fall!


Non Droid Android Phone owners

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  • Brilliant Letter. I think it's great that you extend the Android Love to the Droid Android Phone Owners. After all, there are Android too .. even it they're 2.0. Keep up the great posts!

    • Jose

      Thanks whatsupandroid. We are all one big happy family. No hate here.. 🙂

  • Polymira

    At least your G1 autofocus' … my Droid does maybe one out of 15 tries.

    • Jose

      5 megapixel goodness.. 🙂 You digging the GPS though Polymira?

    • Silasrye

      Yeah, I just came to Droid from the G1. Of course the G1 has a better keyboard and i think the 3mp camera takes better pictures (though the video is sweet on the Droid. Anyways, I listen to the Podcast and thought you all seemed a little sour on the Droid, only one person got it and will talk good about it. And the Eris? they aren't nearly the same hardware wise, and only you've got to be hatin' pretty hard to take an Eris over a Droid if you've got a choice. Annnnnd finally, Yeah I was wanting to wait for the SE x10a also, but… it isn't even announced when it will be released, or when or if to the US as far as I know, and there will always be a better phone over the horizon. The Droid is the first compelling upgrade for G1 owners in my mind. So Yeah, I just want to say that some of us have been here before we had the Droids, but the Droid is actually cool!

      • Jose

        Droid as a G1 upgrade?? How DARE you!!! 🙂 Hahaha. Enjoy the phone Silasrye and thanks for the comment.

      • Jeff

        About the Eris – I'm strongly considering it over the Droid. I don't need or want a physical keyboard, and the fewer moving parts the better. I also like what HTC does with their phones, and Sense is a big improvement to the Android UI. Since they've said 2.0 will be coming to the Hero (which is basically an Eris), the Eris will definitely be the better phone when that happens.

  • Hey at least we have a strong mod community. I already have navigation working find on my phone albeit slightly laggy. And I am damn sure that 2.0 will come at least in a rooted phone version, even if half the OS needs to go on an SD card. We can do that. That being said I would love to get my hands on a Droid ^.^

    • Jose

      ..that being said…. 🙂 Hahaha. feel ya schwiz….

  • eclipse

    Um…my G1 has full GPS and compass, don't all of yours?

    I can load up all the email accounts I want as well (though Google Apps does that for me at the head end).

    I got a third-party dock the week I bought my phone.

    The Droid is nice, but its tied to a service I don't use and it twice what I paid for my G1. Still more expensive than the G1 including the doc, high-cap battery and other accessories I bought.

    • Jose

      Thats saying something… G1, dock, high-cap batt plus more and its STILL cheaper than the D. Wow. No hating allowed though 🙂

  • Some of us still have our G1's also (they just don't have any service !). Rising Android lifts all handsets ! 🙂

    • Silasrye

      I sold mine on Ebay the weekend I bought the Droid. By the end, I'm paying $50 plus the G1 to get the Droid and I didn't even get the sweet $150 Wirefly/Sears/Best Buy deal. It seemed like a no brainer in that light.

    • Jose

      Can I get an Amen?! 🙂 Thanks for the comment Todd.

  • dagamer34

    I just want Sense UI on my Droid. Then you'll really have something to be jealous about. Nice software PLUS nice hardware.

    • Jose

      Jealous? Did I come off as jealous? My bad. I'm really SUPER happy for you *grrrrrrrr*.


  • I just wrote a post today on my blog that compared a Droid with the G1

    I actually didn't like the Droid that much. Here are the reasons:
    – Keyboard is worse than my G1
    – Isn't on a GSM network (can't take it abroad)
    – Not rooted – no tethering
    – Motorola has done a lousier job with their key placement than HTC. Only 4 keys at the bottom. I would have put menu in the middle and return on the right. Don't know that search needs it's own button – happy to open the keyboard when I want to search, since I will need to type anyway. I like my call pickup and hangup button…..
    – Not that I need this, but Verizon seems to have taken out all foreign lanugages from Locale other than Spanish

    I already have the new Google Maps with Navigation, so that doesn't bother me at all.

    • Jose

      Nice read on your blog Ambarish! Thanks for sharing that. Any opening at your work? Droids and Cliqs for everyone!! Nice 🙂

  • PK20

    How the grass seems greener on the other side… It wont be too long before each carrier has it's Droid-equivalent. It's never long before the latest and greatest device is trumped by the next best thing.

    OK having said all this BOY I wish it was me running Android 2.0 right this second! (sigh… it's just a matter of time…)

    • Jose

      Patience is supposed to be a virtue, right? :>

  • Very good Jose!

    "Make sure you have a firm hold on your shiny new Droid. Would hate for it to fall!"…
    I would have say that a jealous iphone owner might try to steal it from you 🙂

    • Jose

      Ha! Thanks Raphaels.

  • Ender

    Idk if I would go for the droid quite yet. I like my rooted g1 with all the Roms I can get for it, and cool interfaces. Once 2.0 source comes out, the rooted g1s will have it too and everything will be good. I have to say though, after the 1.6 update, the camera on the g1 hasn't been very good.

    • kolomari

      Try Snap Photo Pro or one of the other 3rd party phone apps. They really rock.

  • I had infinetely better 2 mpx camera on my non-android, 3 yo Sony-Ericsson then 3 mpx on MyTouch. That's the only thing I really miss. If your optics suck no amount of mpx will compensate, By February when 8pmx Sony-E is out Droid will be old news anyway. Nothing lasts forever and life expectancy of any gadget does not extend beyound 3 months.
    And I do like MyTouch, going to hang onto it for as long as I can (man I have 20 months left on my contract)

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