‘Bump’ Arrives for Android

bump_for_android02Bump is one of those apps used to make us jealous of Apple.  It wasn’t because the iPhone could do things that our G1s and myTouch 3Gs couldn’t, but because we didn’t have the app.  If you’re not familiar with Bump, it allows users to share their contact information, pictures, and other fun stuff  by tapping their phones together.  That’s it.

Well, now we have Bump.  And things are right again.The Android version offers everything that the 1.1  iPhone edition had, including support for contact and photo swapping.  It’s a step or two behind the its fruit counterpart, but we expect it to catch up quickly.  Why?   Bump works across platforms – Android can Bump iPhone and vice versa.  It would make sense that they’d like everyone to be able to bump the same stuff.

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  • therealjorge

    Finally! That's great news.

  • Vic

    Can I bump an iPhone?

    • Rizoh

      Can you?

    • Yes.

  • A barcode to download the app would be helpful…

  • @chaserhill

    cant seem to find it in the android market

  • Deusivnictus

    Does this require the new bluetooth API in Android 2.0?

  • Deusivnictus

    Never mind I guess I should have read their FAQ: Q: How does BumpTM work?
    A: There are two parts to BumpTM: the app running on your device and a smart matching algorithm running on our servers in the cloud. The app on your phone uses the phone's sensors to literally "feel" the bump, and it sends that info up to the cloud. The matching algorithm listens to the bumps from phones around the world and pairs up phones that felt the same bump. Then we just route the contact information between the two phones in each pair.

  • who knows

    cannot find in the market for 1.5 on the droid eris. anyone have any luck on 1.5 with it?

  • hmmmmmmmmm

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!

  • ari-free

    reminds me of beaming stuff to your friend's Palm PDA. Except this is much more complicated

  • Alicia

    How does the contact information get updated AFTER the phones have 'bumped'? For example, if I get a new cell phone number or address, does that automatically get updated in the 'cloud'?

  • yeah at least bump arive..

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