February Release for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10


xperia_preorderThe sexiest Android handset we’ve seen so far it the Xperia X10 from Sony Ericsson.  Officially announced only days ago, we’re anxious to find out three things – Who is going to carry it?  When is it coming out?  And most importantly, how much?  Well, we might know the “when”.

According to the Officiall Sony Ericsson E-SHOP’s Coming Soon page, it should be arriving in February.  Visitors can pre-reigster for the handset by filling out a very basic form. 

We will contact you when this product is available to pre-order and when it is available to buy.

The drop-down menu for “I’m interested in this phone on” includes Pre-Paid, Upgrade, Contract, and Handset Only.  Unfortunately there is not one hint at price yet so your guess is as good as ours.

Thanks to our friends at Android-France (translated) for the link!


    • The specs at this link indicate GSM, implying TMo or AT&T. Exciting, as I have been waiting for a REAL upgrade for my G1, but have absolutely no intention of moving to Verizon or Sprint.

  1. sony has been known in the past for high end super phones, super mean amazingly expensive, to be on no carrier but rather an open phone for all GSM users. So well see which carrier wins if it is even decided to be on a carrier.

  2. The american version (x10a) has the AT&T 3g frequencies but no t-Mobile. the European version (x10) has what appears to be the US Tmobile frequencies 1700/2100. Anybody know if the European version will actually work on T-Mobile USA? would be great to use this phone with the cheaper data plans from t-mobile.

  3. The X10a has a forward facing camera which is an indication of a UK version. The X10 does not have a forward facing camera which is an indication of a US version. The X10 specs indicates a possibility to be used on T-mobiles voice and data.