Google Pushes Source Code for Android 2.0 – Developers Push it to G1 Within Hours

g1_android20Android 2.0 SDK has been available for a few weeks now, but the source code has been held hostage.  The word around the campfire is that Google hasn’t been too forthcoming with it.  Most handset manufacturers have been stuck messing with Android 1.6 instead.  No more of that!

Last night saw Google pushing out the source code for Android 2.0 to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). In just under a few hours, the Android developer community had it working on a G1.  Yep.  You read it right.  The “likeness” picture we created for this post stems from a screenshot taken by Android hacker-extraordinaire Cyanogen.

According to him, 2.0 is running “really well, fast and smooth” with audio/video playback being the only stuff that doesn’t work properly.  It shouldn’t be too long before that’s fixed.  Give these guys a case of Red Bull and a weekend and watch what happens!  Our money is on them getting it done way before Google or T-Mobile push it out to G1’s!

  • I think cyanogen would rather have a case of beer but whatever 😉

  • Is it bad that I look forward to customized roms from developers that don't work for Google, over the actual OTA update from the actual Google developers?

    Honestly, Tmobile/Google could drop a OTA update of 2.0 to the G1 that runs 110% better than anything developers like Cyanogen puts out and yet i'd never know because ill never be flashing a OTA update again.

    Looking forward to a 2.0 release from you Cyanogen. Thanks Google fro finally dropping this into AOSP.

    • juanjux

      From what Cyanogen posted on twitter, I think that the main problem is that binary hardware drivers for the G1 must be ported to Android 2.0, and I don't think third party developers can do this. So if HTC or T-Mobile don't want Android 2.0 on the G1 it will be hard to get it. But The Man also said he'll start porting bits to the 1.6.

  • I don't know any techie talk … I just know I LOVE the droid I just bought last night!!

  • Williejack Brainer

    Any chance that 2.0 will make its way to the My-Touch 3G?

  • wow, he is impressive. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to testing it on my G1

  • o2Do

    –"Honestly, Tmobile/Google could drop a OTA update of 2.0 to the G1 that runs 110% better than anything developers like Cyanogen puts out and yet i'd never know because ill never be flashing a OTA update again." —

    I disagree 110%; T-Mobile could not, 1st of all because the MUST bloat the OS with their Software, secondly they don't care about G1 users, they care about new subscribers. Folks like cyanogen and the many other devs who make this stuff work do it for fun, not to put their name out (well most). My wife has a Stock MT3G & I have a rooted one with CM, she is jealous of how mine runs smoother, and looks cooler. Major companies don't care too much about satisfying the customer past getting more money. Ups to Cyanogen and all the other hard working devs, doing it because they love to, and because they enjoy letting other partake.

    • Wayne


      Firstly, I would like to know what bloat you are referring to that T-Mobile puts on the G1, cause I haven't noticed any.

      Secondly, you obviously have no idea what goes into software development, and the sheer amount of code that must be written.

      Full disclosure: I have not tried one of the custom-built roms (such as Cyanogen's), but as a dev myself, I have a lot of respect for him and the other devs that put in so much time and effort. However, you should give more appreciation to those "major companies" which, I agree, try to screw the customer a great deal, but without whom we would not have Android or Cyanogen's roms. (Here I am referring to Google primarily, but also T-Mobile and HTC).

  • o2Do


    In previous experiences (not just specifically Android) HTC and T-Mobile, include extra software and features taking up memory and space, it happens.

    I do understand the countless hours of tedious tasks of those who code, and I do realize that it takes great effort and dedication to push out software/apps/features that function well and are enjoyable. I have spent countless hours benefiting from their labors (maybe even some of yours). I also understand that some of those who code and worked on AOSP got their hardwork put in the Google release of 2.0.

    I greatly appreciate what HTC and T-Mobile did by giving Android a shot, it is quite obvious that they deserve mass credit for the invasion of the Android Armies.

    However, I am simply stating that a major company who earns money by selling what is the latest/cutting edge handset is not going to have last year's model at the forefront of its thoughts. It is almost 100% for sure that the G1 can run 2.0; but if I am understanding correctly, a few things may need to be left out, or it may require root and a different SPL such as the Danger SPL to free up a little more space. I am not trying to attack you or any Devs, I am merely attempting to state my opinion that a major company will always try to do what is best for their wallets, and that is to get the consumer to buy the latest/greatest/cutting edge.

    I say again and for the last time, thank you independent Dev's and DevTeam's for doing the hard work for nubs like me, we appreciate your time and efforts, and greatly enjoy the fruit of your labors.

    P.S. I never claimed to know much, just giving an opinion that the Dev Community CAN do better than the major companies with deep pockets, and the Dev Community does not try to get over on us (mostly). If it wasn't true AOSP contributions would not be included into RELEASES FROM GOOGLE.