Menq EasyPC E790 Could be $100 Android Netbook

menqWe recently received a tip from the always-wonderful-always-excited Nicolas Charbonnier (Charbax). The Archos fan was letting us know about an $80 laptop that can, and will, support Android.

Menq, a Chinese company who aims to provided the cheapest laptops they possible has a new 7-inch, 800×480 resolution notebook called the EasyPC E790. You’ll notice in the video below that the notebook is somewhat slow but that’s because it uses an ARM9 processor. For possibly $10-$20 more, the laptop-maker could squeeze an ARM Cortex A8 processor and yield a considerably faster web experience.

Nicholas believes these types of laptops are the future of computing. He forecasts that before too long, many notebooks will cost $80 or less, and run upwards of 10 hours or more per charge. If a web terminal is all that one is looking for, any device with a HTML5-capable browser should do the trick. Including Android.

Charbonnier tells us that while this review unit runs Windows CE, Menq manufacturer told him that Android can run on it. He is waiting to find out if they will send him one.

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  • where can i get one? I want one

  • serge

    I was reinstalling Win CE and something went wrong, installer says can’t find rom and won’t load anything… how to fix this, I think it was a rom formating error, and it’s the installer recieved from Menq(brand)… so anyone has an idea?

    • Max_k89

      where did you gate firmware i need to change firmware on my and can’t finde it

  • n.sibery

    I have an EasyPCE790 (won it somewhere) and am looking for a guide.Having one that would explain ARM and android technology would be useful. Help!