Leaving T-Mobile Behind for Verizon Droid

verizon_droid_openAnyone following the invasion of the Droid can see a plethora of reviews on PhoneDog, Gizmodo, Boy Genius Report among others.  So I will spare you the redundancy since those guys do reviews for a living and are much better at it than I.  What I would like to do is give you my reasoning for canceling my beloved T-Mobile service and leaving behind my two G1s, a rooted Cyanogen 4.0.4  myTouch 3G, two recently returned CLIQs, and my newly purchased Archos 5, just so I could go for broke on a Verizon Droid.

Over the past weeks leading up to the Droid’s launch, I had not even considered going to the store to check one out, much less buying one.  I work in the software industry and in the world of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), cloud computing, and overall general geekiness, it is hard for me to ignore was Android 2.0.  For me it’s still all about the software and I wanted a device that not only came standard with it but one that should be ready for upcoming updates.  The Verizon network doesn’t hurt either.  What with their ubiquitous 3G coverage I don’t even have to use WiFi in my house as I routinely average 900kbps.

The overall package that is the Droid, not the iDon’t ads or the launching of Droids from a Stealth Bomber, made me reconsider it over the aforementioned devices for its large capacitive screen, faster processor, physical keyboard, and the slim form factor.  This is the phone that I desperately hoped my G1 would be.  Even though I was quite content with it, I couldn’t help but feel that Android was being limited by the current crop of hardware.  I could care less about Motorola personally, they got themselves in the position they’re in now because they were too slow to react to the mobile market and didn’t distinguish their products apart from the multiple iterations of the RAZR.  But what they have built here is nothing less than ground breaking in the context of Android.  Android just seems to be made for an industrial piece of hardware and the Droid delivers on all points even with the poor implementation of multimedia (still!) it easily plays most formats and brings a smile to my face every time I use it.

So far the I have not had any problems other than the phone rebooting itself once in four days and I think that was due to a stray app I recently side loaded.  The UI is just a little newer and shinier but still decidedly Android.  Facebook is more integrated and is now a sync-able account along with Google.  The OS finally feels like a mature version and not so beta (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Leaving T-Mobile was much easier than I initially thought.  What with the new Even More Plus plans I canceled my line and migrated the remaining five on the myFaves 1800 plan to the new 1500 unlimited text and in the process saved about $125 which now is used to power my new Droid.  So except for the $200 early termination fee that I was fully prepared for, that was only real cost of admission–not including the $199 Droid after MiR.  So all in all, I am very happy with this purchase and I actually think this will be the last of what has been a long series of flings with other Android devices.  I think I may have found the One to actually settle down with….stay tuned.

  • It's a new era! Like my grandparents experienced the establishing of cars, parents the TVs, my own the Computer, my kids the internet, and now this. Stay tuned, it will change the world like the computer and then the internet did.

    I'm also from the engineering realm of SOAM SAAS and Clouds… was time for family to have new phones so bought 1 of each Droid. iPhone had a certain following. So do these. But this time I'm perceiving a tipping point of the smart-phone technology where it's truly hand-held PC with full connectivity for everyone. And if you notice even some of the pay as you go phones have keyboards now.

    One of the most impressive characteristics for me was that even youtube video works at full speed and HD. I think that alone will have major effects on established business. For example, I watched videos of EV cars for hours in stead of watching normal TV. And it does allot of things my PCs don't, like GPS.

    For those curious about differences in the devices, I've only seen 1 case where the extra speed of the he Motorola mattered. That was for the web-app to access work – though I should re-test with the Eris since I could have done better after learning the keyboard. Yea that takes some getting used to – and the on-screen keys work. The pull-out keyboard only seems needed for long texts.

    I've not personally used an iPhone so I can't offer that comparison. But compared with my old phones there is a new world open by these devices that will surely be interesting to watch unfold.

  • branon

    Do you get "Force Closes" on the Droid?
    I am getting kind of tired of those on my G1 (Even thought its rooted..though that does not affect the RAM).

  • Dave

    Any chance I can get one of your old G1's? You are braving than I am. I can't leave Magenta…I have been with them since Voicestream days.

  • Agree with Elliott above, and to expand on that: I’m very, very glad this explosion in choice and Android taking off is happening at this moment in time, when I can best appreciate all of the new technology. We do need to credit Apple for completely changing the landscape in this market, but with Android 2.0, the Palm Pre, and Blackberry continuing to play well – it’s game on!

  • so when TMO or Sprint comes out with a better Android device than the VZW Droid, what then? It's bound to happen; thats how this industry works. Just look at VZW smartphones a couple months ago (SUCKED!) Now they got the newest and shiniest, but probably just for a little while.

    • David

      For now, I agree with Sam. I too made the jump from G1 to Droid, for many of the same reasons. While you're right – there will, down the road, be better phones – there's nothing in the pipeline right now that looks better. The droid is SO far ahead of the G1 in terms of hardware capabilities, though, and VZW gives me such better coverage, that it's well worth going with the Droid now. While it would have been really hard to stick with the G1 for the remaining year of my contract, I can easily see keeping the Droid for a couple years. It's *that* much better.

      I too, though, have been getting intermittent rebooting, for seemingly no reason. Sometimes, my Droid will just be sitting on the desk, and I'll look down and see that big red eye. Concerning – I think I'll probably end up sending it back for an exchange.

    • Dabil

      Or what about when the iPhone comes to Verizon over the summer of 2010? (AT&T's exclusive contract runs out next year and Apple is already in talks with Verizon after designing a Verizon compatible iPhone) Will people still want their Droids?

    • Hank

      I wonder how TMO ended up with the Motorola Cliq and VZW with the Droid.

    • Hmmmmm…you're right. But today I like the Droid….can't worry abt tomorrow.

  • Dominick

    I hate that you left Tmo but I do understand the phone desire you want a phone to fullfil those needs. I saw an video on saying there is a gsm droid running around that’s on roger’s network and it might make its way down here.

    • T-Mo has had its chance to keep us as customers, but they failed to bring in any of the new crop of hardware. And now what…the "cube phone"? They have yet to bring in anything remotely like an upgrade for the G1…with the Droid out there, I just got tired of waiting. Now, I'm *very* happy with the VZW network and it's far better coverage where I live. I wish that their plans were less expensive, but the ability to cancel my land line more than makes up for the difference.

    • dominick

      just saying im dominick too and its hard to find dominick's on the web and yes droid rocks. but swtiching from tmobiles awesome customer service to verizon mehhhh dunno if its worth it might just wait for those snapdragon phones

  • gdbjoe

    You should be more patient asnd wait for the old good Cyano…

  • SDsc_rch

    played w/ Droid – loved it – loved 2.0's feature set – loved the screen (awesome resolution) – loved the kybd (many don't – i do) —- did NOT like the overall "look" and blockiness of the Droid – also, "stock" android UI is….. "yawn"

    next phone i get: will have kickass processor, HW kybd, and android2.0

    and its gotta LOOK good! hardware and software (formfactor/aesthetics and sense UI)

  • eclipse

    Considering that I already have an outstanding Android phone in my pocket (the G1), which does everything I want it to, there's no single compelling feature on the Droid I'd switch for, and T-Mo rocks everyone else in customer service, I wouldn't consider switching simply for the hardware choice.

    Droid represents two things for me – adoption of android by a major US hardware vendor and wireless provider. I'm happy those who are forced to deal with Verizon now have an option for a "real" mobile device, and the product means great things for all android users in general.

    Also, one thing we can all agree on, its not an >iPhone<!

  • Tam

    I switched to the droid from tmobile as well, I was following android since april and if tmobile had released the galaxy back in june or july I would have snatched that up and not thought a thing about the droid, but they choose to release the crappy behold II and at 229, that set me over the edge. Now I have a family plan on verizon with my wife and we plan to move east of dallas soon so that coverage will be great and I get a discount from my job so I am pleased with the price. Also from what I’ve read tmobile and verizon actually have been tied for customer service the last few years.

  • I love T-Mobile and would never leave them and yes the Droid is Impressive but there are many MANY new Powerful phones coming to T-Mobile in 2010 including the possibility of a droid iteration for Magenta as well. They've already made it quite apparent that they are playing Hard ball now and even tho its taken them a while to get to that point 2010 is the YEAR they are going for it all. Better Cheaper Plans, Hotter Phones, 21mbps fastest Mobile internet in the USA and soon after that 4G and they are getting out 3G in New Places EVERYday if you hadn't noticed. They're building their 3G coverage at a WAY faster rate than ATT did back when they first started theirs.

    So yes I'm Happy the Droid is out on Verizon. I like the phone and I'm glad more people get to have the OS that I LOVE so much and want to be a success and that means it NEEDS to be on EVERY carrier!

    GO ANDROID!!! – D

  • Thalymur

    I love my MyTouch 3g and T-Mobile, I guess if you absolutely need a shinier interface and have the money, go for it.

  • StarfishPrime

    The giant D-Pad must die! I only wish the LG Eve was in the US. It looks like such a nicer phone.

  • verizon-is-a-scam

    too bad when you are ready to leave because of the snapdragon android phones coming that you will have to pay 350.00 just to leave. Verizon sucks, they will be left behind in the handset department. They fail when it comes to handsets. Besides, cdma sucks battery life, and I would rather have a gsm droid for resale purposes.

  • OverpayingOnVerizon

    There's always a better phone around the corner. It's one thing to leave a carrier to get the iPhone, because Apple only does business with one carrier in the US. You can't exactly stay where you're at, and get the iPhone. But an Android device? On a Motorola handset? It's not proprietary. Motorola is going to put out more phones comparable on other carriers, let alone other handset manufacturers like Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, etc.

    So I claim switching to Verizon as a poorly thought out move. Enjoy paying nearly double every month for service. Let alone that $350 smart-phone early termination fee when something comes out that's way better than the Droid in the first quarter of 2010. Good stuff.
    [polldaddy 2259737 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/2259737/ polldaddy]

  • Jay

    Wow.. so much passion.. it's PDA phones people… everyone should feel free to get what they need and the carrier of their choice. I happened to have switched to Verizon because Tmobile did not cover certain areas that I travel to and I personally love android so I bought the most current phone (Droid). That works for me… and sure… more advanced phones are around the corner all the time, but if I continue to hold off for the bigger better thing.. I'll never get anything. Everyone should get what works for them and stop bashing others for their choices in PDA's and companies.

  • Dr. Tyrell

    The "One?"–that's funny! The phone companies know how to pull Sam's strings. In less than a year he will be yearning for the latest wonder phone and feeding the corporate coffers again. Anyone for getting off the treadmill and demanding that phone companies stop taking advantage of us?

    • Yep, you're right….they got me 😉

  • You never really got into what exactly it is about the cliq that caused you to Exchange multiple phones before switching. Or what you didn’t like about the cliq in the first place.

    Personally? I envy the Droid’s screen, and its camera flash. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with my cliq. The physical build of the cliq actually feels a lot more quality to me than the Droid. The cliq’s social network Integration is completely superior to the Droid… so much so that ill patiently await 2.0 that will indeed eventually be on the cliq. Not so envious of the screen and flash that, (if I were a consumer and not an employee) id sign up for service costing $20 more per month at the very least once you add visual voicemail ($4 a month I do believe) and who knows what other services Verizon no doubt charges for that t mo automatically includes. Not to mention letting VZW blackball me into two years of that crap w/ the ridiculous $325 early termination fee. Not even worth it in my opinion.

    The native Facebook app on the Droid is indeed much improved. However, no loss there either, since I’m currently running that very app on my completely unrooted cliq =) I don’t blame anyone for switching to VZW for the Droid at all. Its a nice phone. My cliq has been super solid, and even significantly faster than my G1 or MT3G.

    Reading this article made me really curious as to what particular problems you might have had with the cliq. You seemed to put it down without elaborating on exactly what it was you felt made it such a bad phone that you would do multiple exchanges. At my store, I’ve personally sold around 10-15 cliqs so far and not one single unit has come back.

    • Nothing was wrong with the CLIQ. I just wasn't up for a full discount so I could not see myself keeping a $399 phone. I tried both the white and black ones, hence the exchanging, and did not fall in love with either. I did not use BLUR as I just use Twidroid and no Facebook so the MOTO UI was not a factor for in the least. I did like the form factor but not the smaller screen than my G1/mT3G. So no hate for the CLIQ, just no love.

      • Ronnie

        Hold on 🙂 you tried two colors and retured both because of the price? LOL Both colors were the same price. I am cracking up here. Anyone that looks at the cost difference between two phones and jumps ship to get a good a lower price by signing a two year contract with a big ETF and much higher monthly needs to use the calculator on the phone to do them math. Buying phones by signing 2 year contracts is NOT to anyones benefit. TMOBILE's new non cotract rates save hundreds over the 2 year time frame.

    • Ronnie

      Mine is working fine as well

    • Great points. Bottom line: I wanted the Droid and the Verizon service and I was not concerned about the cost. BUT I was not going to pay the same price to keep the CLIQ. I still have five lines on TMO so if/when they have a better Android phone than the Droid then I may consider adding a new line to get one.

  • I left T-Mo for the Verizon Droid, and I can hardly believe how much more I enjoy THIS Android phone. I won't sell my G1 (still using it for app testing), but it won't have T-Mo service again. Droid rocks for sure, but having an awesome 3G network definitely also helps !


  • jay

    I too left Tmo for Verizon/Droid. I had the G1 the day it came out, the My Touch 3G the day it came out, and the Cliq the day it came out. All fail in comparison to the Droid. The Cliq feels like a toy compared to the Droid. The ONLY reason I left Tmo was because no 3G in my area. What is the point of having a web based phone on a non 3G network. Confusing!!!

    • Jackson6102

      i know u wrote this like a year ago but thats exactly my same reason. everybody else has 3g coverage but tmo

    • Jackson6102

      i know u wrote this like a year ago but thats exactly my same reason. everybody else has 3g coverage but tmo


    Why wouldn't you just buy the Droid, then get it to work on T-mobile? I mean really… Isn't that one of the best points of the open platform? You can use it on any GSM Network?
    I'm sick of having to go to some crappy carrier because they have a good piece of hardware.

    • Krystaldj2013

      you cant swich a verison phone to a tm phone verison dose run through sim card like tm!