Flurry Pegs Droid Sales at 250,000 in First Week

droid_250k_flurryWe previously reported that first weekend sales figures for Verizon‘s Droid were somewhere in the 100,000 units ballpark. Those figures were based on an analyst at Broadpoint AmTech Inc.’s estimates.  Is there anything to substantiate that claim?  As it turns out, there is one report that could back that up.  Flurry Mobile, a leader in mobile analytics, has put the number of Droid handsets at 250,000 sold within first week. 

Using their analytics service, Flurry monitors how apps are used for over 10,000Android and iPhone developers.  They estimate that they track applications used on roughly 2 out of 3iPhone and Android handsets in the market with over 15,000 million user sessions per day.

To estimate first week sales totals for the myTouch 3G, Droid and iPhone 3GS, Flurry detected new handsets within its system, and then made adjustments to account for varying levels of Flurry application penetration by handset. Flurry additionally cross-checked its estimates against Apple actual sales, released for the iPhone 3GS, which totaled one million units sold over the three days of sales, Jun 19 – 21.  – Excerpt from Flurry

It goes without saying that these are the strongest out-of-the-gate figures for Android so far.  It’s not entirely fair to compare Droid’s sales against the T-Mobile myTouch 3G as Verizon is roughly 2.5 times bigger in terms of subscriber base, plus they have the benefit of more Android awareness.  Oh, it doesn’t hurt to have $100 million ad campaign either.

  • I don't get why the handset is sellling so big, Its really no big deal compared to any other android device. I have played with the droid now and don't see whats the big deal. so the UI is different big deal. Can anybody tell me truthfully (no fanboy talk) why people are going crazy about this phone? And I know it has 2.0 but real consumers don't have a clue what that even is nor care to know.

    • Sean

      The main reason I think people are excited about the Droid is that it's the first Android phone with awesome specs. Android is a great platform but every piece of hardware so far is built with old crappy technology. The Droid has a top of the line mobile processor so finally people can get their hands on an Android phone that is a joy to use.

      While just telling someon "Oh, it has Android 2.0, isn't that rad?" isn't really a good argument for sure, A2.0 does have a lot of great new features, including the navigation app. But it also has more seamless integration with your internet contacts. One cool thing is when you're viewing your contact list, ifyou click the person's picture, it will popup a window with all the ways to contact that person – phone, text, email, and facebook. I'm surprised Twitter isn't in there yet but I'm sure that's coming in the future. Anyways, that's just one of the really nice touches of the new Android.

      People are also excited to have an Android phone on Verizon's network. Love em or hate em, there's no denying they have the highest quality network with the biggest reach. Yes, their 3G is technically slower than the competition, but the difference is you *always* have 3G with Verizon, and it always works.

      • My 3G always works, sorry indiana, but as far as what you said for the whole contact thing sorry but not a big deal because the cliq does the same thing.

    • Chad

      It's because people like me who have never had a smartphone have decided that this model is the one that finally combines the fun factor of the iphone with the utilitarian connectivity of the blackberry, and it's on a network that most people are already on (at least in my region). You can say the droid is not that much different from other android models already on the market, but the it's the right phone with the right features at the right time. How many people have been sitting on free phone upgrades for a year or two, just waiting for an exciting phone? The droid's release got me to finally upgrade. It looks like I'm not the only one.

      • you do know that no android phones supports what a blackberry does, for that matter no phone does. what makes blackberry blackberry is there BES server and if you dont' know what that means ask yoru tech guy at work. Unless your useing exchange or IMAP(i hope your not for your business sake), Blackberry Exchange Servers are exclusive to blackberry and are AMAZING when it comes to use as a tech. So Sounds like chad you bought the phone because your jumping the bandwagon called DROID, its ok because two years ago people called that same bandwagon iPhone.

  • Sean

    We’re tracking droid marketshare via web browsing from the 150,000 sites we track on Clicky. So far the Droid has captured ~3% mobile browser marketshare, which is pretty good. Android has about 9% total so the Droid is already 1/3 of that, and climbing.


  • Aryq46254

    These numbers are dubious at best. Don't get me wrong, I want the Droid to succeed. More Android phones in the world is good for ALL of us who have adopted Android phones. Personally, I went with the Eris simply due to form factor (and I kinda got a crush on Sense UI, but anyway).

    But, let's face it. If the Droid's sales numbers were awesome, Verizon would be trumpeting it left and right. In press releases, on Twitter, on DroidDoes, etc. Verizon is cocky, and they LOVE to brag. So the fact that Verizon is *completely* mum on sales numbers at this point tells me that the numbers are not that impressive.

    Obviously, I could be wrong… but something tells me I'm not this time.

    • verizon should brag more about how much money they nickel and dime customers…..oo wait they do already….hahaha soo funny….

  • Keith

    You should have also made a note of this line out of the Flurry analysis in your article

    "Furthermore, Flurry has monitored a sharp increase in new Android project starts by application developers within its system, a 94% jump in October compared to September"

  • the anaysis is strong man.. this is cool..