October 1, 2014

Thank You Verizon But "No Cigar"

verizon_crying_droidJust to put disclaimer first: I wanted Droid! I dreamed about it! I was totally in love with Verizon’s ad. It was exciting, it was all good.  But as often happens with online affairs the love fest was cut short when reality showed up her ugly face.

This past Sunday I went for my weekend shopping at the local Costco and out of curiosity asked guy at the mob-phone stand if they had Droid. They did. So I’m standing there, holding this piece of black plastic, totally dumbstruck. Yes it’s thin, yes it has sliding keyboard and frankly it’s totally awesome that something this thin even has a keyboard. And I’m not even going to talk about Android 2.0 and how good it is. It’s a given.

But the phone looks and feels cheap. It will never ever be a fashion statement and its looks will only appeal to hopeless nerds who actually don’t care what the phone’s design is as long as it has Android inside.

Bummer, real bummer. I practically can hear iPhone snobs laughing. And I’m not alone. After coming home I searched Google for “droid cheap plastic” and there were plenty reviews just reinforcing my point.

As a matter of fact, I now have some guilty, renewed love for MyTouch. It is no fashion statement either, but in my opinion, it is a better designed and better looking phone.

Please, please – can someone make a piece of  hardware that is worthy of our beloved Android? I’ll pay extra $50 just for looks. After all, I do want to have the coolest phone in the universe, period.

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