MouthOff for Android Arrives

mouthoffandroidPopular iPhone “game” MouthOff has made its way over to Android. With MouthOff, users can hold their handset in front of your mouth and sing, talk, yell, or laugh to get the animated mouth to work.   The app  mouths move in real-time by using sound picked up by the phone.   MouthOff features 36 mouths designed by 12 illustrators, and includes the recently released “chrHIDSmas” update.

MouthOff  is our undying child, an app so beloved by every of us, that we just cant let it go. The Android Market has a big future, and we surely don’t want to miss that boat, so it was a simple decision to port MouthOff on this emerging platform, thus proving our abilities as a multi-platform studio. – Mills, ustwo Creative Director

A campaign site called ShowUsYourMouthOff has been set up for users to send in videos of themselves using MouthOff in creative and funny ways.

monster scrshot2

You can find MouthOff in the Android Market for UK£0.59 (99¢ US).

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray

    Seriously? That is why the iPhone was shit. A market overloaded, stuffed to the gills, with crap like this. There is NO way this would be a download on my G1 if it was free, which certainly means I am not paying 99 cents for it!

  • Cybersedan

    Rings true to the term "Giggling brat vanity", I dare not turn my sophisticated Android device into a garbage app heaven?

  • i hope no one uses this on my way to work at my online marketing and web development company lol.

  • Jamwoo2

    sucks won’t download