Happening Now: Sprint Rolling Out OTA Update to Hero


sprint_heroWe’re getting wind from a few of our readers that Sprint is pushing out an update to the HTC Hero.  No, it’s not jumping to Android 2.0 yet!  What the update does entirely, we’re not sure.  Hopefully, the SMS hangups are resolved if anything.  We double-checked the Sprint Community Forums and found there was already a post on the matter.

“Just wanted to say that it’s true. It’s installing on my phone right now. It’s about a 3.5 meg download that goes pretty quick. The install is taking several minutes, however.”

Another thread shows users sharing their experiences and what they are seeing as being changed.

well i noticed 2 thing right away.

1- the clock actually had the right time when it booted

2-camera is more stable with the auto focus

its not as laggy when moving from home screen to an app

Being that this is just starting to trickle out, we’d like to know what you guys are seeing.  Anything else visible from the end-user?  What about you dev-types?  See something special in there?


  1. When you're in a call, there are buttons on the screen for mute and speakerphone. You had to go into a menu to get these before.

    Great update Sprint/HTC!

  2. There are some updates to the calendar, the in-call settings, and the phone is noticeably quicker. Also, the 100% awake issue has been fixed.

    My phone, however, still says Rev. 0.

  3. 1) I noticed there are new mute and speaker buttons when you are in call.
    2) The keypad when dialing vibrates (a little annoying so far).
    3) Sync with facebook pictures is far more reliable than before.

  4. There is something new in the browser. The google news mobile site now it much more sophisticated and has more content, instead of the fairly simple design it had before. It could also be a change on Google's side, but since it changed right after the update, there may be a web rendering change.

  5. The phone feels a "tad" faster. Having a setting to remove the vibration from the keypad would be nice. The speaker and mute soft keys when in call are great, this was a hassle since we didn't get touch sensitive keys like the droid eris, if the hero had them would be awesome.
    I still get the wrong time on the clock even though the current city is right.