Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 to Run Nearly $900

Xperia X10 is KingThere’s an article up on CNNMoney today that talks of an interview conducted with press spokesman Gustaf Brusewitz.  The piece is about Sony Ericsson and their hopes to return to profitability with Android.  The biggest thing to catch our eye was mention of the Xperia X10’s price. 

The new high-end smartphone, which will cost around 6,000 Swedish kronor ($ 879) in stores, will be available in the first quarter 2010 in a number of markets including Sweden.. .adding that more phones in the same product family will follow in the first half of next year.

It will be a tough battle to fight with a price tag that high.  Sony Ericsson even acknowledges some of the hurdles they will be facing, pointing at some might perceive the phone as outdated when it arrives.  The Xperia X10 is based on Android 1.6 while Motorola started shipping 2.0 on its Droid handset.  Further, they are coming to market after the year-end rush brought on by many carriers and handset makers.

Do you guys think a high end portfolio is what Sony Ericsson needs or should they cater to lower level consumers?  Would you be willing to shell out nearyl $900 for a phone?

  • patrick

    I think with the rumor of an actual Google branded/developed device coming out around the same time as the rumors for this one will end up hurting SE and their release. The lack of 2.0 coinciding with a true Google phone could spell disaster if the pricing reported is accurate.

  • J5Chicago

    That's a dealbreaker. Expensive Device + Outdated OS = FAIL. I'm not a marketing mathematician but I can add pretty well and that's a straight up fail. It it even makes it to a US carrier (which is doubtful) it will head to AT&T most likely and, well, do I need to explain why adding AT&T to the equation make it fail even harder?

    Yikes. Fo' realz.

  • TimK

    Would I pay USD 879 for this phone? Nope.

    Would I pay SEK 6000 for it if I were still living in Sweden? I sure might. (That price would presumably include Sweden's 25% VAT, making the price without VAT SEK 4800, or closer to USD 600.)

    I can't imagine that the X10 will cost that much when it comes to the U.S.

    • TimK

      Oops! SEK 4800 should be about USD 800. My bad.

  • TimK

    Okay, at current exchange rates, more like USD 700. I'll get it right one day. 😛

  • IBEddieV

    I think the price is a deal breaker as well as SE commitment to Android. I just don't know how commited they are and whether they will make an effort to keep OS up to date and anything else to make it match that kind of price tag. What is a consumer really getting for that price that can't be acquired through another phone for much less? I find this phone less compelling.

  • Meh. They must be sticking with 1.6 because of their proprietary interface that they built on top of it, so it could be a while before they upgrade to 2.0, if ever. And at that price? Ridiculous. This phone was the only reason I was a tiny bit hesitant to upgrade my G1 to a Droid…I'm glad I went ahead and made the switch.

  • PhineasJW

    Utterly ridiculous. Unless it's $249 or less w/contract, this phone is dead to me.

    Sony runs their company like a dumber version of the cartel in Cupertino — never met a proprietary standard they didn't like or wouldn't invent, and everything's absurdly priced. The difference is that at least Apple makes a world class product. [Still wouldn't buy an iPhone, however]

    Looks like I'll be waiting to trade my G1 in for someone else's Snapdragon/Tegra phone next year… HTC? Dell?

  • Ray

    This is crap. I can tell you exactly what is happening. Now that subsidies have become commonplace, these phones are being severely overpriced. Whereas it used to be a free phone or 50$ for a nicer one (like a RAZR), now they figure they can get you to pay $300 for the latest phone AND roll the other $400 into your contract. In the end you'll pay the price, but on the surface you think you are only paying the cash up front to own the phone. Phone manufacturers are taking advantage of the fact that subsidies have become commonplace (to the point where the consumer almost doesn't even notice them) to gouge us further, believing we are only paying the $300-$400 for the technology, while forgetting another $400 on the back end that locks us down for 2 years to have these "cool" devices.

    • Chris

      This is nothing new, this is how the cell phone market has always worked, Here in Sweden most phones cost 1 crown (90 cents) on a contract. I also don't think you can just translate a price right off like that, 6000 sek should be more like 600$ it's just that the Dollar sucks right now.

    • hiphopanonimoose

      did you just call the RAZR a nice phone?

  • justlgi

    If we paid the actual price of our phones (and all phones were unlocked) prices would come down. Period. I think its ridicules that I could go and purchase an unsubsidized fully functional laptop for $800 or netbook for $400 yet a phone is $900. The difference is the subsidies.

  • ari-free

    Now I understand the promo video. This phone is for the Paris Hiltons

    • Exactly… Guys, sorry but watch again the promo ad:

      and you'll see the target… and they would not care about 1.6 or 2.0.
      Higher the price, higher the profit margins… that's basic economy. Whoever was expecting a cheap SONY-Ericsson is living in a dream… Look for Dell or Chinese manufacturer for cheap ones.

  • Miguel

    Wow. $900? Are they sick? I consider the iPhone 3GS a high-end phone.. and it costs $200 on contract, or $599 MSRP. I consider the Droid to be a high end phone, and it costs $199 on contract, and $599 MSRP.

    So how in the world could Sony think that their phone is worth $900, when compared to those phones? If this is true… I am moving on from this one.

    • hiphopanonimoose

      in their defense, unlocked iphone 3gs prices ran $800 on avg for a while. also the snapdragon processor is a lot faster and nicer than the omap3 that the iphone 3gs or even the droid has. theres about a 400mhz difference which is about 67% faster than the processor those phones come with. theres nothing new about phone prices being this high… the nokia n-series phones have all been around this price when they came out and so have a lot of the cybershot series sony ericsson phones from the past…

    • Erik

      It really to bad that they have delayed it for so long.
      But when it comes to the full price you have to remember that the 6000 SEK is including the 25% salestaxe we have in Sweden. So you if you shave off 20% there and add your local tax you will have a better comparesing.

  • Henning

    Right now an iPhone 3GS 16GB without a contract goes for about 730 EUR in Germany. That's almost 1100USD! And yes, there are people buying iPhones. And no, I'm not one of them.

  • Jamie

    Dammit. I bricked my HTC Magic recently and have been living off an old (and crap) Palm Treo 650 in anticipation of the release of the X10. But for 900 bucks, screw that! Totally not worth it, even though I'm (obviously) desperate for a new phone. Unless it comes with an app that will pleasure a certain appendage and is made of gold, there's no way I'd pay that much for a phone. Ever.

  • I'm Rich

    I'm expecting Sonystyle to carry this phone and priced accordingly. $900 is too scary. Oh, it'll definitely be up there: $799 my best guess. But with some type of 0% financing with an application for their Sony credit card. I'm willing to jump in….unless the Acer Liquid beats it to market with a price tag that's half of the X10, AND with a more stable vanilla Android 2.0.

  • newspeak

    So they as smoking crack if they bring this to the us market at this price point…..this i s just so far out of step with other smartphone pricing that I find it hard to fathom that they would drop it at anywhere ner $900 …I predict 600 for this phone

    Looks like its back to the waiting game

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