Sprint Finally Acknowledges Android in Commercial

sprint_hero_adIt only took a month or so, but Sprint finally decided to advertise that they have Android phones.  Is it awesome?  NO.  Sadly, they don’t even refer to ‘Android’ in the following commercial, but “with Google” instead.  Close enough. T-Mobile‘s been getting away with it for the better part of a year.

Check out a 30-second TV spot from the nation’s #3 carrier below.  The HTC Hero gets named alongside the Palm Pre and BlackBerry Tour as the “most impressive lineup of phones.” 

Source: HTC Source

  • Mickey G

    Hate to say it, but outside of us geeks, Google is a much more recognizable brand name than Android.

    They've been doing the right thing by dropping the name Google.

  • rjholla2003

    Why does Sprint not upsell the Moment? I really don’t get it. Some of us like, even love, physical keyboards. They really need to consider letting people know they have that Android option as well.