Sprint Users Get Free Visual Voicemail from YouMail


youmail_logoYouMail Inc. announced today that Sprint customers will now get their visual voicemail service free of charge. Also available for BlackBerry phones, Android users on the Now Network can start taking advantage of YouMail’s features.

“YouMail has been overwhelmed with requests from Sprint users wanting our service to work with no extra fees,” said Alex Quilici, CEO, YouMail.  “Sprint has done a great service to the wireless community by eliminating their previous 20 cents per minute charge for conditional call forwarding and making it easy for users to set up the conditional call forwarding that services like YouMail require.”

A premium transcription service is  available to users who prefer to read their voicemails instead of listening to them.  This is especially handy to have around if you find yourself in a lot of meetings or quiet environments.  Simply scroll through your messages and read them without interrupting.

Features found within the YouMail mobile client:

  • Quickly and easily scroll through incoming voicemail messages to see relevant caller information including caller name, time of call, and length of message
  • Play voicemails by simply clicking on them
  • Unlock voicemail to easily share and forward voicemails as an email or post to a blog
  • Delete, archive or save voicemails, forever

YouMail also offers a full website experience where users can listen to messages, create filters, manage greetings, and much more.

There are two ways for Sprint users to get YouMail -Grab it out of the Android Market or head to www.youmail.com and sign up.


  1. If you have an Android phone, why wouldn't you just get a Google Voice account and download the app? That's what I do. That is really all I currently use my Google Voice account for…free visual voicemail.

  2. GV Visual voicemail is great. Once everyone has your GV phone number. I used YM on T-Mobile and am now using it on VZW as one of my Friends and Family numbers. MUCH better than paying VZW for visual voicemail…

  3. In this world nothing is free! However, it is quite interesting to learn that YouMail Inc. announced today that Sprint customers will now get their visual voicemail service free of charge. Thanks.

  4. Sprint’s visual voice mail is a trainwreck.

    Once installed, it fails to notify you of messages.

    Messages are about 70% accurate.

    MOST of all it takes 30 days to unsubscribe…what does Sprint say…they are sorry.