Tattoo and Hero Arrive in Australia

android_harvey_normanAndroid fans living in the land down under will be happy to know that HTC has announced the Hero and Tattoo for distribution at Harvey Norman locations around the country.  In an exclusive deal with the retailer, Harvey Norman will carry the Hero for AUD $799 ($754 US) and Tattoo at  AUD $599 ($559 US).  Both phones are unlocked and unrestricted by carrier.

“These two new handsets are focused on personalisation and accessibility – hallmarks of the HTC Sense experience,” said Anthony Petts, Sales and Marketing Director ANZ, HTC Corporation. “The phones are equipped to directly reflect the user’s mood, aesthetic and natural communication patterns. They are the manifestation of HTC’s research and observations of human communication interactions and needs, joining a family of HTC phones designed specifically around user specifications.”

It should be noted that Harvey Norman is not a wireless carrier.  They are essentially a supertsore that carries computers, furniture, and other items in addition to electronics.  Could you imagine Target or Wal-Mart being the exclusive provider of those phones here in the US?

  • Scott

    hmmm… so they finally release it here in Oz… just when the Milestone is out OS, the X10 is coming, as is the Dragon and Google phones- who in their right mind would buy a Hero/Tattoo with those right around the corner? HTC in Australia are crazy. They should have released these a LOOONG time ago….. we have been able to get them from UK for cheaper than they are selling them now since the day they released….

  • @Scott that's interesting to hear. Because when I read the title tag of this posting I pretty much had the idea "What? the HTC Hero can be bought on the European market since a long time ". I wonder whether HTC has already released its HD2 in Australia. I would definitely opt for that one!