The Google Phone Rumor Returns… AGAIN

gphone_googlephone_againHere we go again!  The “it’s not happening/yes it is” rumor of an actual Google branded handset has come back.  TechCrunch is reporting today that not only is it going to happen, but it was originally slated to drop this quarter.

While we might have dismissed this rumor a time or two in the past, we’ve also reported on stuff that helps make this potential game changer a reality.  Darn it if the pieces don’t add up in the end.Here’s what TC is saying today.

  • It will be sold direct and through retailers.
  • It will be produced by a major handset maker but will only have Google branding.
  • There will be zero negotiation or compromise over the design of features.  It’s ALL GOOGLE
  • One source tells them that HTC will make the phone, while other information suggests Google is working with a Korean phone manufacturer on the Google phone – LG or Samsung.
  • Google is planning a big advertising push around the device early next year – like January

It will be very interesting to see what other handset makers think of this move if and when Google drops a phone.  How will other Open Handset Alliance members react? Will they continue to embrace the platform for what it is and offers or will they pull support?

We doubt having 1 more player in the game will change anyone’s min, even if it is Google.

Let’s hear what you guys have to say!  What have you heard?

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  1. Jose
    November 18, 17:50 Reply

    So Google's Android architect Andy Rubin lied when he said, "We're not making hardware. We're enabling other people to build hardware."?

    I thought that quote had put this to bed. Sad to see it back.

    Google rarely swings and misses when it steps up to the plate so I am curious to see their vision of the perfect phone. On the other hand, we already have so much fragmentation between carriers and OS I'm not sure this is the smartest move in the world.

    I guess we just have to wait a few months to find out if this was a smart move by the big G or not.

    • Taylor
      November 18, 18:13 Reply

      Technically, they are not "making hardware". Some other company will produce the phone and they just stamp their name on it.

      • Jose
        November 18, 19:28 Reply

        Ugh, good point. I hate loopholes!! :)

    • Chuck Falzone
      November 18, 18:56 Reply

      Google swings and misses all the time: knol, orkut, jaiku, lively, google answers, etc. They're like Adam Dunn: lots of homeruns, lots of strikeouts.

      • Jose
        November 18, 19:28 Reply

        Well, I did say "rarely"… but I LOVED the baseball analogy! I also like Dunn as Angel DH next year – just saying :)

  2. Sam
    November 18, 17:51 Reply

    Google is known for taking technology, making it better, and giving it away to the masses. I’m personally hoping this is a lower end phone. I could totally see Google making a super thin, consumer oriented world phone thats unlocked out of the box that you can use on whichever carrier you want. No frills, no added on software, just a cheap $100-200 candybar touchscreen phone that works. It’s very Google-esq to release something like this to shift the dynamic, get people off cell phone contracts, and make carriers be competitive with rates and fight it out for no contract customers. It could certainly be the start of the end for $600 cell phones. The profit margins on these phones for no-contract purchases is outrageous.

    • Jose
      November 18, 19:31 Reply

      Wow, this is getting interestinger and interestinger… :) Thanks for the link Chuck.

    • Kevin
      November 18, 23:51 Reply

      If this were true I would drop my carrier voice plan in a heartbeat.

  3. David M.
    November 18, 19:47 Reply

    Where there's smoke there's fire, that's what my mami used to say …. well not really but you get the point

  4. Jess
    November 18, 20:22 Reply

    I don't want a phone filled with ads……wait I already do with Android & I love it. Bring it on Google…

    Didn't Google buy up the 700MHz frequency auction Have they used it for anything yet?

  5. just some dude
    November 20, 10:39 Reply

    No need for CDMA benjamin, it wont be cell tower based, and as for Gizmo5 thomas520 that is part of it. Google will use there software for the IP telephony and clearwires wimax infrastructure for the data. They will have an initial partnership with AT&T for data, at least until there up running with clearwire.
    Imaging an always on connection where ever you go, the holy grail in connectivity.

    Good times ahead for all.

  6. Ryan
    November 22, 23:18 Reply

    Who can market its product better than Google.After all Google is the internet king.iphone is about to face stiff competition.

  7. nokia5230
    July 22, 08:28 Reply

    Although google is internet king, it is very new in cell field. It may attract customers at beginning but google can not keep them for long period

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