Android Application Top 10 Countdown – Week Ending 11/14/2009

androidlibAlong with the LA Times, CNN, Fox News, ESPN and AndroidGuys my day starts with a quick glance at “Top of the day” on I regularly find applications I missed and enjoy seeing what makes it to the coveted #1 spot.  I wanted to share the top 10 but needed a report comparing the applications week to week as opposed to day to day.

Thanks goes to Nicolas Sorel who created a special “Top of the week” report just for!   Armed with information you will only find here, I give you the Android Application TOP 10 Countdown for the week ending November 14 based on information provided by!

10 – Pinball
Description: Pinball is the 1st Android Pinball game available on the market.
Thoughts: I am about done with RoboDefense and am looking for a new game to… um…. review!  This one will be it.

9 – Androlib Wallpapers
Price: Free
Description: This application allow to search and set wallpapers/backgrounds on your Android phone.
Thoughts: Personally I like a plain blue background but I know others like the “wow factor” of a cool background.  If thats you look no further than this app.  It categories wallpapers for you allowing you to quickly find what you want.  Once found you can set your background, share it or download it.  I’m sporting a very cool view of earth from space on my G1 now.  Ya, so?  I changed my mind!

8 – Droid Sensor
Price: Free
Description: DroidSensor is an experimental twitter client using Bluetooth.  It tweets a notification when it passed by another DroidSensor.
Thoughts: An experimental twitter client that seems to tweet a notification when you are close by someone else who has the app installed.  I think.  It must be the price and peoples curiosity that has this as the #8 application this week.  I guess.

7 – Apps Center [Market]
Price: Free
Description: Apps Center is developed to give you one-stop setting menu.
Thoughts: Looks to be a tool that allows developers to provide access to their apps through this application.  So, if every developer were to write their app to link to this one I can see where it might be useful.  As of this posting it seems only one developer has.  This app was created by C-LIS Crazy Lab.  Crazy to think all developers would modify their app to use this.

6 – Beautiful Widgets
Price: $1.47
Description: Beautiful set of widgets with a nice looking design inspired by the HTC Hero/Eris/Sense interface.
Thoughts: First paid app in the count down but well worth it.  Two flip clocks, geo-localized weather with realistic icons and more.  Not a bad review to be found.

5 – PandaHome – New ~
Price: Free
Description: Home replacement app
Thoughts: Version 1.7 of Panda brings theme management with new manage UI and more.  The popular home replacement app gets a facelift and people like it.

4 – Droid Eye Verizon
Price: Free
Description: This is a silly application to display the Motorola red Droid. It does not do anything else.
Thoughts: For those of us stuck with ‘Mo we can download this.  It’s a picture of the red Droid, nothing more, nothing less.  At least its free.

3 – Shutter Speed

Price: Free
Description: Shutter Speed is an exposure calculator for Digital SLR camera users.
Thoughts: This is an application for photographers with a Digital SLR camera.  It functions as a calculator of sorts allowing you to choose the target aperture and ISO sensitivity and the app will then give you the correct exposure.  CLICK – perfect pic;  not on your phone, on your SLR camera.  Sad to say but I think its confusion that sees this app at #3.  This app will not make your Android phone take better pics, sorry.

2 – Tap Tap Keyboard
Price: Free
Description: Tap Tap KEYBOARD allows you 3X faster average typing in only ONE week!
Thoughts: This app almost promises that you will type three times faster after using the app for one week.  They don’t use the word “promise” they say the app “allows” you to type faster.  Might be useful for those without a hardware keyboard?!  I can fly on my G1 so I passed on this one.

<drumroll> …. Coming in at #1 this week … <drumroll>

1 – GDE – The new home experience
Price: $3.35
Description: A new android desktop with some features never seen before! Like cube, stretch and fading transitions and endless scroll.
Thoughts: Like Panda this is a home replacement app.  Unlike Panda its not free.  It does do some cool stuff though including customized transitions, toolbar actions, home-screens available and more.  It looks good and comes in as the #1 app of the week!

Dropping out of the top 10 this week is Fake Call Girl

Fake Call Girl
Description: Your Personal Relationship Trainer.
Price: Free
Thoughts: It’s impossible to make stuff like this up.  A free call girl?  Another great oxymoron!  She entertains, she educates, she comes with over 70 audio clips you can listen to.  She is was the #1 most viewed application a few weeks ago.

No babe seriously, I only have that on my phone because I’m writing an article for!  HONESTLY, I don’t know ANYONE named Jasmine!!

  • Se7en2

    No screen shots? Bummer.

    • Jose

      Good point Se7en2 (awesome screenname btw)… Ill include them in the next countdown.

  • Kelly

    Droid eye? Are you freAking kidding me? This is a pathetic list of apps which only shows how horrible the market is. And we have the nerve to rip apple for fart apps when you list 3 homescreen replacements. Why not review awesome apps like touchpal keyboard at least.

    • Jose

      Hahaha, I thought people would be more freaked over Fake Call Girl. Droid Eye is just the kinda silly app thats always been and always will be on the Android and the Apple market – right? Least its free and the dev even said it was meant to be silly.. 🙂

      This wasn't meant to be a detailed review of any app – just a list of what the community is downloading. Pathetic? I won't disagree with you 🙂

      Going to checkout touchpal keyboard now – hadn't heard of it. Thanks Kelly!

    • Jose

      Well Kelly, I tried to get touchpal but it's not in the Android Market anymore apparently.

  • champion6

    I'm loving this Top 10 list. Since I'm new to the world of Android, it's helping me a ton. Keep em comin!

    • Jose

      Hey Champion6 – welcome to AndroidGuys! The TOP10 will be a regular feature (I think) as long as it remains helpful. Thanks for the comment. You sporting a Droid or some other Android handset?

      • Rich

        Keep up the app reviews it's good to see what the public is downloading… especially over the next few months.. the more smartphone users that will be switching to android with the release of the Droid and Droid Eris will both encourage and demand new and better content from developers and I'm looking forward to it…

  • Why are publishers more interested in developing apps for iphone.I know its from long time but android is a Google product.

  • What do Bike Helmets, Macs, and Iphones all have in common?

    Give up?

    They're designed for people that have no fucking clue what they're doing. I laugh everyday.

  • oavh
  • i love pinball thanks