Android Market Acting Up for Developers [RESOLVED]

android_market_bagThere is something happening on Android Market right now and it is a pretty big deal to developers. As owner of three apps (DroidIn, DroidIn-Lite and Hire*A*Droid) I’ve recently noticed that:

  1. Overall and current download numbers are considerably down.
  2. Number of reviews is about 1/3 down

Other people are starting to notice – there is discussion on Google Developer Groups and the Android Market forum as well as some noise on Twitter

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What makes it even weirder is that my developer console (Android Market developer site) still shows old numbers which is probably due to caching.

Hello, I am the owner of LucanaTech, a company that develops software for Android.

The Android Market has been experiencing serious problems in the last few hours. Several developers (including me) complain that the download counts and the user ratings for some apps are not reported correctly. The download counts show much lower numbers than they should, and many ratings appear lost. We all hope Google is working to fix this.

No official word yet on what it is.  Any other developers experiencing similar issues?

UPDATE: The problem seems to be fixed.  Download counts and user ratings are back to normal both on the Developer Console and on the Android Market.

  • AndGhost


    I am the developer of ParisIti and ParisIti demo, from France. I experience the same issue. And I am not the only one in France. So it seems it is a general problem …

    It's weird, because only my demo version is affected, not the other one. And the displayed number of ratings is not the same in the developer console, and in the Android market.


  • musta

    i'm not a developer, but as an user my guess would be that getting more popular the "quality" of the user is lowering thus no much time to spend on review nor scavenging into the market (that is, to say, not really easy, especially due to the few criteria available -date and popularity).

    My two cents

  • Is this article stating that the number of downloads and reviews have slowed down, as compared to the "average" rate? Or did you mean that the reporting from Google is "down," as in, not functioning? The term "down" is quite ambiguous and I finished reading this article not knowing what it was about.

    I have published 5 apps (3 apps really, 2 with "pro" versions) (pub: Finer Mobile). While I do not keep a close watch on actual download numbers, it seems that sales have not slowed down at all. However, since my apps only receive limited exposure, it may not be as obvious to me, as it would be with a featured or popular app.

    @Bo Stone – please try to be more specific with these reports, and more deliberate with your wording. I'm interested in what, specifically, convinced you that things are "down." (and what exactly that means)

  • Nivek

    The meaning of the article is that applications which were listed as downloaded 10000 times are now listed as downloaded 500 times (this is an example).

    My app is not affected.

  • Some of my apps were affected – number of reviews went from hundreds to tens on the dev console. But, on the G1, still shows the right star rating and ranking.

  • Mobilehavoc

    May or may not be related but it also appears that after the Sprint Hero got the update last night I can no longer see any purchased apps in the Market. They’ve disappeared leaving me with the inability to update ones that are installed or worse reinstall purchased apps that weren’t on my phone prior to the update.

    There’s something seriously wrong with Android Market right now to say the least.

  • I am a developer of a paid app, and what I noticed this morning was my app jumped up dramatically in its position. It has been between 10th-15th for the last month or so, and suddenly this morning its 3rd in paid category for Health (Baby ESP)! It's not just my app, all the other top apps are shuffled around considerably with quite a few new ones showing up.

  • Juan

    I am Colombian and one of the developers of two Android apps: Tie Your Money and Whizzes for Life.
    I am facing the same issue you report, pelase keepo us updated.
    Best regards,

  • I noticed this problem this morning on two of my less popular apps. But checking now, it seems to have resolved itself. Maybe Google already fixed it?

  • Some developers are reporting that stats are slowing coming back to normal:

  • At least for my apps everything is back to normal counts. No word from Google what it was? A little apology would be nice but I'm not counting on that

    • Perhaps it would be a good idea to post an update in the article itself, so that we don't have to scroll down to a random comment to learn that the situation has been solved.

  • Hi,

    this morning everything seems back to normal, both on the Developer Console and on the Android Market. The download counts and user ratings for my apps are back to what they should be.

    So, Google fixed the problem overnight, at least in the US. Are the numbers back for you guys too?


    • Yes – for me. Interesting though if Google will acknowledge this – this was scary and community noticed it all right

  • I just checked the dev console, and my numbers are up since last time I checked…

  • shed 64

    Some interesting comments from GAMELOFT>>>

  • For the record, as a user I was NEVER able to post reviews to Android Market.

  • FYI for those are clueless. The android market is still broken.. will be broken and does NOT show apps for Sprint Hero users that are copy protected. We've all resorted to piracy since it actually fixes the issue.
    Sprint is aware of the problem as of yesterday, took them 3 days to get a clue, HTC blames sprint. and I blame Google. So nothing will get done.

    Thought I'd throw that little factoid out there. Enjoy the sales.

  • oavh
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  • Thanks for the update

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  • FYI for those are clueless. The android market is still broken.. will be broken and does NOT show apps for Sprint Hero users that are copy protected.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    May or may not be relevant, but it also appears Sprint has been updated after the hero, last night I no longer see any applications in the market to buy. They have gone left me unable to install or update applications worse re-purchase.
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  • I think it is a watershed information for the all android developers since android market is acting up for them.  It is really exciting.

  • Yeah there is a lot of potential for android apps and still seem to be doing well in providing quality over quantity


  • Yeah there is a lot of potential for android apps and still seem to be doing well in providing quality over quantity