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Sprint Offering Nexus S 4G for 50% Off

The Goolge Nexus S is available in the U.S. via T-Mobile, but it sadly only supports 3G. Sprint aimed to fix that by offering the Nexus S 4G, which runs

News and Rumors

GameStop is treading into smartphone territory

GameStop has long been a giant in the world of video gaming, but soon they are stepping up into the smartphone world as well. As much as we love to

News and Rumors

Sony Tablets Previewed in Third of Five Videos [VIDEO]

Sony has released the third episode in a planned series of five videos to hype their upcoming tablets.  As is the case with each successive clip, we get to see


  1. schwiz
    November 19, 18:48 Reply

    how do you get access or apply to use it?

  2. @rwrife
    November 19, 20:34 Reply

    This does not work on newer Android devices, they've got an artificial check of the Android OS version that prevents it from running.

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