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Rovio: We’re not in bed with the NSA

So you’ve heard a rumor this week that the NSA was pulling data from Rovio’s popular Angry Birds games, eh? Could it be true? Is Rovio really helping out the

News and Rumors

Sony Xperia Acro Leaked

BGR recently reported on a leaked image from Sony’s PC Companion Software in Japan. It appears that there is a device named the Acro, along with other announced devices. Although

News and Rumors

T-Mobile celebrates 1 year of LTE with new ad campaign aimed at Verizon

T-Mobile on Thursday is celebrating its first year anniversary of LTE deployment with a new ad campaign. According to the Uncarrier, T-Mobile’s network now covers 96 percent of the United


  1. schwiz
    November 19, 18:48 Reply

    how do you get access or apply to use it?

  2. @rwrife
    November 19, 20:34 Reply

    This does not work on newer Android devices, they've got an artificial check of the Android OS version that prevents it from running.

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