Introducing the Android-Related Events Calendar!

android_calendarWe’re pleased to announce another great joint-effort from some of your favorite Android sites.  Take a look on the right side of the site and you’ll see an embedded Google Calendar with Android-related events listed. Going forward, this will feature all the known Android events we can keep track of.  From our weekly podcast show to the big keynote addresses and product launches, we’ll be doing our best to compile anything and everything as it pertains to Android.  Other sites already assisting with the calendar are AndroidAndMe, Androinica, and HTCSource.  Some of the items that are on the calendar so far…

  • Podcasts
  • Meet-Ups
  • Product Launches
  • Keynotes
  • Conferences
  • More!

If you are hosting an event and like you’d some extra exposure, this a perfect way to do it!  Know of something coming up that we should be listed?  Drop us an email at info @ or fill out our contact form found at the top of the navigation bar and we’ll be happy to review it.

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  1. Michael
    November 21, 22:34 Reply

    I can't figure out how to see the calendar in big size. In the small size, some of the events and days spill off my screen. I expected to be able to click on a month or something to see the large calendar, but no joy …

  2. Hans
    November 22, 08:06 Reply

    any chance we can get a link to the calendar, then folks can add it to their own Google Calendars!!

    • carig
      November 22, 09:33 Reply

      If you click on the [+ Google Calendar] icon in the bottom-right corner of the calendar it should try to add it to your own Google Calendar, it didn't work the first time for me but it did the second time

  3. Orlando
    November 22, 15:47 Reply

    I added it to my calendar. Thanks. This is very helpeful

  4. Ben
    November 22, 16:22 Reply

    Many thanks! It took me a minute to find your calendar under all the ads, etc. Also, the button that lets me add it to my Google Calendar is slightly cutoff (in Chrome anyways).

  5. John
    April 01, 23:59 Reply

    Hi i am new to android .
    i want to develope calendar application as the one shown above in android.
    on selecting calendar in menu it should display current day with events .
    on clicking events it should show options menu.

    can some one plz tell me how do i need to start working on android calendar applications

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