Seesmic’s Twitter Client Arrives on Android

untitledYeah, we know the Android Market is littered with twitter clients, but we have a new one for you today.  A rather big name in the twitter game has arrived and its name is Seesmic.  Already available for desktops, through the internet, and BlackBerry, the free application finds many of today’s popular twitter tools.

Unfortunately, the lack of a widget in this release could be a dealbreaker for some Android users.   This handy desktop feature helps  keep an eye on timelines or fire off a quick tweet without the need to open an application.  On the flip side, Seesmic has a decent sized fan base that could help them grab a share of the mobile space more quickly.seesmic_01

Pulled from Seesmic’s Android page…

  • Fully featured: Seesmic for Android groups all your Twitter timelines in one simple screen. Whether you want to scroll infinitely in your friends timeline or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one tap away in a beautiful interface.
  • Share photos, videos and location: Share photos, videos and your location in your tweets, with the service you want. We included popular photos and videos sharing websites like yFrog, TwitPic and even Youtube. You can also automatically shorten URLs you type with, or Tinyurl.
  • Be Notified: You can choose to be notified for what maters to you: all your tweets, your replies or your direct messages. Do you want to be alerted by a specific ringtone, or just by a discreet little light? No problem, you can configure to be notified for what you want and how you want. Tap any notification, and you are back in the Seesmic application.

For videos of how Seesmic looks and feels, check out the following links.

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

  • It's a close call right now between this app, Twidroid and Swift. But if Loic comes through with lists and Facebook integration that he said are coming, Seesmic is going to be pretty darn cool…

  • MishkaGreen

    I have been using this app all day and I'm definitely switching from Swift to the new Seesmic app. Can't wait to see what updates the company as in store.

  • tek

    Swift gets my vote over Seesmic… more polished.

  • There are a couple apps that I think are just as good but the thing that will keep me from choosing Seesmic at the moment is the font size. Way too small. The other apps I use are much easier to read. I like Swift and one called Peep.

  • Wow…is this a review or a press release? The word "we" is used at least once in the article (I stopped reading at that point), so it seems that it was written by the developers. This may be the last straw for me and this site. If you're going to print press releases prepared by the developers as regular posts, it would seem that you'd at least post a notice telling us that's what it is. Instead, the average reader is going to assume that they're reading an unbiased review, when nothing could be further from the truth. Fail.

    • We responded to these comments in an email to you. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW. Look at the top of the post and you will see that this is SOFTWARE NEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS. Don't threaten to quit visiting us every single time you come away less than 100% satisfied. Just quit.

      This post is intended to alert people as to what is new in Android. Nowhere in here is it implied or otherwise mentioned that this is a review. In fact, we even call out a shortcoming regarding widgets.

      • And I replied to the e-mail in a positive way. As for the public shouting, all I'll say is that there's nothing telling me when I click on the link whether I'm getting a review or a press release.

        I see that you took my advice and added a note that the text was taken from the developer's website, though…Thanks!!

  • App looks great. Very polished looking interface for sure. If I was not holding my Android device I would think I was looking at an iPhone app. I am hoping that they can improve this one with the addition of search and list support. If they add these features I think I will be making to move from Tridroid.