Android 1.6 Gets Google Maps Navigation

google-maps-navigation-layersOne of the coolest features and improvements in Android 2.0, Google Maps Navigation, is now available for devices running Android 1.6 (Donut).  All you G1 and myTouch 3G owners are now able to take advantage of  voice guided directions and automatic rerouting.

Using your data connection, Google Maps Navigation turns your phone into full-featured GPS unit with constantly updated maps and content.  The new Layers feature allows users to overlay information such as transit lines, Wikipedia, Latitude, and routes created using My Tracks.

If you have Android 1.6 on your phone, head to the Android Market and download the latest version of Google Maps!  Just remember kids, the app is in beta.  One feature from Android 2.0 that did not make the cut is the ability to use commands like  “navigate to”.  On the other hand, you can still create shortcuts on your desktop with destinations.  Enter your home address in one and make it so that no matter where you are, you can always hit 1 button and get turn-by-turn directions home!

EDITOR NOTE: This article was originally intended for publication on November 23rd, but do to scheduled server maintenance, we pushed it back.   We realize that this might not be breaking news to you, but we felt obligated to report it nonetheless.

  • Great to see Google not leaving the older versions of the OS behind. I was a bit concerned about this as many people do not have a choice as to what OS their provider pushes out to them so the fact that Google will be offering their new products to the older OS is great.

  • Kevin

    works great on CM 4.2.5

  • Kevin G

    It does work great on CM4.2.5. I played with it forever yesterday. Soooooo cool, and it is a free service….just another reason google rocks.

    Long live google.

  • Anonymous

    would be nice if they pushed it to android 1.5 phones that havent received donut yet (like my cliq).. 🙁

  • shed 64

    Could you nice fellows @androidguys find out when your poor cousins from across the pond can expect navigation? many thanks…..

  • It works great on CM 4.2.5 as long as you haven't flashed a theme that tweaks the maps app. If you have, you have to remove all trace of it (e.g. with adb) before the new version will install.

  • PPRJ

    Now I have a good reason to buy a car mount that lets me use the phone in landscape mode. Any hint?

  • I have played with this on my G1 and all I have to say is AWESOME. I am a devoted Android phone user and Google keeps giving me more reasons to follow their mesmerizing path of greatness. Now if they could just either push it to 1.5 for my wifes Cliq or better yet… Moto / t-mobile / google – give it at least a donut update!!! Thank you for listening….

  • I would like to point out it's not ALL 1.6 users who can get the Navigation. All us Android users outside of the USA get the updated Maps app but not the shiny new Navigation stuff.

  • Lets hope this one gets its way to the HTC Hero! Pray for a hero update!

  • I just want to say how well Navigator works on G1. I'm very impressed actually, didn't think it would work half as well but it really is a "dream" so to speak.

  • Drove this morning by it using MyTouch (1.6) Sweet!

  • Nick

    Anybody have a good suggestion for a car mount for the G1 now that it has this fantastic GPS?

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