Why I Won’t Be Rooting My Droid…For Now


jail_androidLet me begin by giving my experience this past year with rooted or “jail broken” Android phones.  I used the standard Android image doled out by T-Mobile for seven long months before I took the plunge and gained root access to my G1.  And after that, it was on like Donkey Kong.  I proceeded to buy G1’s off of Craig’s List just to root then sell, use, or whatever.  I even purchased a new G1 and a myTouch 3G and promptly had them rooted just a few minutes after getting them home and powered up with RyeBrye’s quick one-click method.   In fact, after my Droid purchase, I have let my two teenage children use the G1’s and they are the envy of their friends with such weird and quirky looking phones.

Another issue that I have personally is all the management I had to do, just for the phones.  I have a tower PC, three laptops, and three netbooks all running different operating systems from Windows XP, Ubuntu, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  So various  iterations of Android versions including Hero, Cyanogen mods, and MOTOBLUR got to be a little hard to keep up with for all the changes and updates, not to mention all the background information I’d be gleaning from the XDA forums to stay current.  And all the while, I never felt as if T-Mobile cared that I was doing this or maybe even liked that modders are flocking to Android in droves and have made the G1 the poster child of what can be done with an open mobile platform.

But today I have a Verizon Droid by Motorola and as you readers  know it comes with Android 2.0 and so far I have found little wrong with it.  Hence, no need to root.  For now.  There are things I truly miss though like: Wireless Tether, VPN Connections, and the ability to overclock the CPU but other than that I’m good. The trade-offs are that I get free turn-by-turn navigation courtesy of Google Maps, a native VPN client that is maturing by each release, and finally a processor that in my humble opinion for now does not have to be overclocked.  Another “wait n’ see” issue is how Verizon will react to the XDA crowd.  I am waiting to see how they handle the Droid ROM being ported to other non-Verizon phones, maybe something maybe nothing, just saying.  Plus now that I am a member of the non-SIM CDMA crowd it is a big hassle to change phones at a moment’s notice.  I definitely miss that from my T-Mobile days of GSM SIM “eeney, meeny, miny, moe what will I use for my Android phone?”

But I am sure Cyanogen and others like him will make me eat the preceding words in the coming months, as there will probably be a blindingly fast and stable version of Android 2.0 modded to the hilt.  And if/when that day comes, I will be anxiously waiting with glee.


      • Ditto here on the need for IPSEC VPN w/ group ID. I rooted, installed busybox and openvpn. I used TunnelDroid + tun.ko from get-a-robot-vpnc and voila! IPSEC VPN w/ group ID now works.

        IMO, if you need IPSEC VPN w/ group ID, then it is worth rooting….

    • I'm still on the fence but more or less….yes. Takin' it day by day though when it comes to considering the Droid. Again, not sure what the Big V will think of hackers doing "insidious" things like unauthorized tethering and CPU over clocking.

  1. Don't expect XDA to start playing with the Droid ROM. There are several posts on XDA asking for Droid mods and the answers so far have always been that XDA focuses on HTC devices, not all the others.

    • Probably will be able to port the Milestone (European) ROM which does have this… reported!

      Doesn't mean you have to root it (just need a signed ROM).

  2. Although I salivate every time I see and touch the Droid, Internet Tethering (especially Wifi Tethering) is a deal breaker for me. I use that feature as my primary means of getting online from home. I think I'll hold on to my rooted G1 until I see that feature on the Droid.

  3. I recently converted from iPhones to the Droid. One reason was because of the bickering, chest thumping and hot air regarding the jail breaking of the iPhone. To be honest I have found very little to not like about the droid. I do miss the tight integration with iTunes and the update process of podcasts. But beyond that, and missing a couple of favorite apps, I have not found a compelling reason to root my Droid. I am in no hurry

    • I've been on Android for over a year now, and I'd recommend DoggCatcher for podcasting. It's a great app that will automatically download your podcasts directly to the phone, over any connection, so that they're there waiting for you when you want them.

  4. im with tmobile at tha moment abd cant wait till income tax to get tha droid and switch it to tmobile by that time everything should be figured out rite?

  5. This guy wont be rooting his droid for the moment…. its not even possible to do, this is the dumbest article ever.

    And to Zuri B, no you cant put Droid on T-mo, two different kinds of wireless tech, one GSM, one is CDMA.

    • yes you can… sholes(dev name), droid(us cdma name), milestone(everywhere else gsm name)… get a milestone, its a gsm droid with multitouch outa the box and it works with us tmo…

  6. Don't have a Droid yet, but at the risk of making things too easy, I suggest those wantng to tether check out pdanet from junefabrics.com.

  7. I'm holding off on rooting (even though it's possible now) for one reason & one reason alone: Flash. They are supposed to be coming out with flash w/in four months that'll support Hulu and general online viewing. I really want that OTA update through Verizon & fear it won't happen if I'm rooted. Plus, the navigation is just too great.

  8. can you send me a censored config file you are using? i can’t get it working for nothing. the tunnel loads in insmod, but i can’t figure out what is what for the config in openvpn