March 29, 2015

$100M Marketing Campaign for Droid Seems to be Paying Off

verizon300x200_blackVerizon is putting $100 million into marketing of the Droid, and so far the carrier has to be pleased with the results.  Less than a month after release, the only handset to sport Android 2.0 has sold somewhere between 700,000-800,000 units. 

Verizon’s big marketing push for the Droid is strengthening as we close in on the holidays, and following our round of checks, we believe about 700,000 to 800,000 Droids have been sold, making our hurdle of 1 [million] Motorola Droids achievable for 4Q09 [ending December 31].  Motorola, for its part, has done a good job on the production side, and our survey of over 100 stores indicates strong demand, limited stock outs, and very few returns. – Mark Sue, Analyst, RBC Capital Markets

The Droid media blitz seems like money well spent to us.  We’ve run into more than a few people who were fascinated by Droid and what it could do.  I’ve personally seen at least 3 friends jump from BlackBerry to Droid and expect more as time goes (and contracts run out).  I can’t pick up a magazine or turn on the television without seeing that red eyeball staring back at me.

What do you guys think?  It is a good campaign?  A good investment?  Too much?  I’d like to hear your opinion on the ad campaign.

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  1. micah

    I have had quite a few people ask about my Hero with comments like "is that the new droid phone?" So, while there is a bit of confusion, it sounds like basic idea of "droid=iphone without apple and ATT headaches" seems to be getting through to the masses.

  2. Dan Foss

    It is not only helping Verizon and Droid, people actually seem to know what Android and Google phones are now. Before they had no idea what my G1 was, nor did they care. Literally no idea. Now they say, oh is that one of those Google Phones? Happened again today at the car rental counter. Can hardly wait for Eclair!!

  3. droidin

    I run some usage stats on my app Hire*A*Droid and it is just fascinating to see how steadily Droid usage is rising. It's now bypassed MyTouch 3G and is only lagging behind G1. That of course given that app is only build for 1.6 and up and used predominantly in US.
    My numbers for November are:
    G1 – 39.2%
    Droid – 31.8%
    MyTouch – 28.4%
    Rest is very thinly spread between "other" phones

  4. JustAPhoneUser

    I have noticed the same thing. People now see my g1 and ask if it is one of those droid phones. When I say it is just like one they ask to see Google nav, etc. Before the droid people had no clue and did not care. The number of android devices in the wild is starting to really add up!

  5. Justin

    HA now that I think about it I get that question all the time to. Wow, well I am super stoked. For those of is NOT on Verizon we can still benefit. As the market increased more apps and more goodies will….well should likely come our way….mmmm goodies!

  6. mike

    Definite increase in recognition since Droid campaign was launched. I think the actual commercials could be better. They should show what the phone can actually do and how well it integrates with other google products. They really need to leverage google's brand recognition and build on the userbase of gmail, calendar, search etc…

  7. @chaselikecheese

    The Droid phone and supplemental campaign have officially made "Droid" a household buzzword. Only a few at my work are very tech gear savvy, yet I have EVERYONE asking me about how I like my Droid phone. Moto and Big Red have done it right this time… they have essentially made a new iPod/iPhone… every Android phone from this point out will be considered a Droid phone…

  8. Laurence

    Well, speaking for me personally, I was totally taken in by the "hype" that Verizon created with their marketing before the Droid was released. When I first saw the original "iDon't" ad, it intrigued me, but I figured "eh, just another over-hyped phone. It won't be anything really all that great." But after doing some research, I realized it was truly going to be a game-changer. Had Verizon not made their initial commercials so noticeable, I probably never would've bothered with the research that "turned me on" to the Droid. So, yeah, their marketing for this phone has been 100% successful, at least for me.

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  13. Sell Gold

    I think it was a great investment. Most of my friends, including myself, have switched from the iPhone. That did have mostly to do with AT&T's shitty service but still I would never even have known about the droid phones without the heavy advertising.

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