ADC2: What Are Your Top Picks so Far?


The winners of the Android Developers Challenge 2 are scheduled to be announced later today so I wanted to do a last minute poll.  As we know, the criteria each app is judged upon is based on four topics: Originality of concept, Effective use of the Android platform, Polish and appeal, and Indispensability. What are your thoughts so far on the titles you were able to spend some time with?

Which apps have you enjoyed testing the most? What are you looking forward to being released on the Android Market? Which apps do think should win ADC2, based on the criteria mentioned above?

This author is very excited for the Grooveshark app. Grooveshark is an on demand music streaming service which also allows users to upload their own music to a personal online library. Based on my experience testing the app submitted for ADC2, Grooveshark offers a seamless interface with fast load times and will be a very welcome competitor to the upcoming Rhapsody and Spotify Android apps.

Let us know your top picks in the comments below!

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  1. hniu
    November 30, 16:45 Reply

    SpecTrek – imho, one of the best Android apps


    mPuzzle – original and well-made

    Sonorox – simple but very cool

    WordPuzzle – favorite Android app of my 4-years old son

  2. pauli
    November 30, 17:14 Reply

    Sudoku Camera great app also available on the Market.

  3. roy
    November 30, 17:20 Reply

    Thanks Pauli for promoting your app.

    I think Plink Art has a good chance (recognize paintings).

    Also, lifestyle has a couple of nice ones.

  4. matt
    November 30, 17:24 Reply

    swift twitter, photoburst + world of photo

  5. mark
    November 30, 17:28 Reply

    My own app is PlinkArt, so obviously I'm up for that. But I think I had most fun with a simple little puzzle game called Mazeness. Cute retro graphics, and a some amusingly harsh feedback when you make a mistake. Good stuff!

  6. goingnowhere
    November 30, 17:43 Reply

    Screebl is freaking awesome on my Hero. Got the real thing from market after I judged, and haven't looked back. Liked Swift and Decaf too.

  7. roy
    November 30, 18:56 Reply

    Congratulations on PlinkArt Mark, I really hope you will be able to monetize on it and keep it going so it can be the next Shazam.

  8. Veronika
    November 30, 20:26 Reply

    Dialify was one of my favorites so far.

  9. Tob
    November 30, 20:50 Reply

    Trippo was nice, pretty accurate voice translator

  10. Tim
    November 30, 22:23 Reply

    Congrats to PlinkArt.
    My app was Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab, also in the Education/Reference category.
    I haven't received an email yet. Anybody else not hear anything yet?

  11. roy
    November 30, 22:51 Reply

    Screw you Steve B :P

  12. Veronika
    November 30, 22:53 Reply

    Tim: My husband hasn't heard anything yet, either.

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