App Review: SipAgent

SipAgentSipAgent is a new SIP application available in the Market. In beta for now to get feedback from users.

It will be released in both a free/lite version and also a paid/pro version (the price has not been set yet). The pro version will include extra features like echo cancellation, call recording,  context/status driven voicemail messages and many more nice surprises!

To use this application, you will just need the domain of your SIP provider, login and password. It should work with most VoIP providers but also if you host a PBX running Asterisk. The application is linked to your phone address book so you will be able to call your contacts directly. The few tests I’ve made were over a WiFi connection and the sound quality was as good as with any other VoIP phone. Android Eclair 2.0 is not supported yet (as of version 0.6.7) but it should be soon. Here is a short video of the app:

There are already similar applications on the Market (like Sipdroid), but according to the SipAgent developer, the final version of the app will have a few advantages compared to the others apps:

  • compliancy
  • multiple codecs
  • performance/battery impact
  • better support for switching profiles

This App Was Tested Using: HTC Hero with 1.5
Presentation: For now, the beta has very few options but the layout is clear and intiutive.
Value: The beta is free, we will have to wait for the release of the final pro version to know if it will be worth the price. In any case, having a free/lite and a paid/pro is always a good idea.
Stability/Resources:  Even if this is still a beta version, it seemed stable enough during the tests.
Bottom Line: If you are a VoIP enthusiast, please download this app from the market and help the developer by sending your feedback. The more he gets, the better the final version will be.

SipAgent QR code
SipAgent QR code

  • Here is the link to the video (missing from the post):

  • Here is the link to the video (missing from the post):

  • Here is the link to the video (missing from the post):

  • j_c

    Good to know:
    – Audio for the Droid/Milestone is fixed in 0.6.8
    – Calls are limited to 2 mins in this Beta/Evaluation version
    – 3G is not supported, you should be on WiFi
    – If your registrar/proxy settings are the same, just leave the proxy field empty

  • juanma

    3G supported only for receiving calls

    • TheNano

      3g works just fine calling out on my nexus!

  • xface

    this sip agent lite did not work with my sip voip service.

  • kartz

    It didnt work on my phone.. the receiver couldn't me..

  • 3G is not supported, you should be on WiFi

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  • Thanks for review this app.

  • I’ve been looking for this app review of sipagent available in the market. Looking forward for the release.  It’s an exciting information.