HTC Hero 2.1 ROM Leaked!!!

HTC Hero 2.1 Screenshot

The HTC Hero 2.1 ROM with SenseUI is now available via AllDroid and XDA-developers.

Download it at your own risk. This is not an official ROM, nor will it have all the updated, carrier specific software, packaged with it.  As always, if you decide to try out the ROM, make sure to back up your data first. Good luck, and may the force be with you.  Oh, and if you have any issues with the ROM, please post it in the comments below. That way, everyone’s in the know.

Links with instructions: AllDroid | XDA-developers

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  1. r4 dsi
    December 02, 09:57 Reply

    This must have been leaked out ultimately by HTC as a unofficial Beta test of some sort. They will simply monitor all the forums and tweak it until its ready for an official release ala 2.2

  2. Andreas
    December 23, 22:58 Reply

    Hi, I've downloaded and installed the 2.1 rom and i do have some problems.
    First of all, lots of the apps force closes and i can't download anything from the market, I just get this message : "download unsucsessfull".

  3. Lmscorpio
    February 14, 19:09 Reply

    I installed 2.1 on my Hero and having nothing but problems. It uninstalled my camera, voice recognition abilities and Sprint TV. I took it to the Sprint store to see if there was anything they could do to assist, and they said they didn't even know how to run it. Did a hard reset, nothing changed. Anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated, my phone now feels imcompletely and it's driving me crazy!!!!

  4. Lmscorpio
    February 16, 10:40 Reply

    Well, I finally contacted someone at advanced tech support with Sprint. They told me that they couldn't identify the problem with the phone and the new features that 2.1 puts on the phone, none of them could even navigate it to do a hard reset. The ##87…whatever numbers they use to manually do a hard reset didn't work. For anyone's info, the factory reset button is going to be Settings>SD card all the wayt o the bottom, but that didn't work either. You are unable to put your phone back to original. Don't be silly like me and not back up your phone before you put this on. Sprint is sending me a replacement, thank God for warrantees. Hope most have better luck than I. Looking forward to getting my phone back!

    • Kevin
      March 02, 00:31 Reply

      Some Sprint Technical Support guy here. If you need to get your phone back into working order like this guy, you need to take it to a Sprint Repair Center and have them manually load the official Sprint ROM onto the device's SD Card and then to an update via the Recovery Boot screen. Then your phone will be back to normal.

      Oh. And here's a thought. Wait for us to release the Sprint ROM with Android 2.1 in 1H2010. Thanks.

  5. Deanna
    October 13, 01:30 Reply

    Well, I’ll just wait till the official one comes out. I have a phobia of using beta and leaked version, they are like virus that will just give you headaches.

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