Verizon Bullies Sprint… Are They Serious?

Verizon has really overstepped their boundaries this time. Embarrassing AT&T is one thing; they deserve it. But asking Sprint to remove its “Most Dependable 3G Network” claim is narcissistic, pompous, and flat out wrong.

I’d like to quote my personal site, just to prove a point…

SPOILER ALERT: Sprint’s 3G network rocks!

Here are some quotes for ya…

Gizmodo – “Sprint is a serious contender in almost any location—and should be taken seriously as a 3G and 4G data service provider”
PC World – “Sprint’s results lent credence to its ‘most dependable’ claim…The Sprint network performed especially well, both in speed and in reliability, in our test cities” – Sprint – Fewest data service outages of any major wireless provider – Sprint Ranked #1 in Reliability among major wireless data providers
Novarum – “Sprint offered the highest performance with the greatest availability… For both ATT and Verizon, in about 25% of the locations with service – we could not get 3G service but rather fell back to 2G service” – Sprint Wireless Data Ranked #1 For Coverage and Reliability. “The following is not an overstatement. Sprint mobile broadband is one of the best 3G services you’ll find out on the market right now. If you’re a Wireless Broadband Exposed reader, you already know that they have the largest and best mobile broadband coverage. In addition to that, their average mobile broadband speed is better than Verizon and AT&T in a number of cities.”

If you’re interested, you can read my full post here… Verizon’s Ego Trip… Will It Ever End?

Real-life use shows that Sprint’s 3G network is actually more reliable than Verizon’s. For Verizon to say otherwise, solely based on Nielsen Co.’s studies, is pure horse sh***! Never have I seen such arrogance and stupidity.

I understand going after AT&T, being that they’re the number two carrier in the U.S. and they hold the key to smartphone dominance (the iPhone). After all, AT&T are a bunch of lazy idiots who continuously fail to bring their network up to par. Sprint, on the other hand, continues to innovate and expand the limits of their coverage, phones, and plans. How can Verizon pick a fight with that? Don’t forget, Sprint’s also going through rough times with its subscriber base and hasn’t posed a major threat to Verizon in years. Has Verizon no shame?

So… What does Verizon‘s attack mean for Sprint, and what does this have to do with Android?

Verizon bringing up this whole feud may actually end up hurting them. Once tests are run and Sprint is proven to be the more reliable network, publicity will commence its wonders. I bet you’ll begin to see more and more customers switching over to Sprint. It’s never good to mess with your only CDMA competition if you ain’t gonna win. Verizon sure picked the wrong fight here.

Android’s role in all this is obvious. People joining the Android nation will have to decide between the largest 3G network, and the most reliable one. True, this has always been part of the equation, but up until now, most users weren’t really aware of it. Because of all this drama, it will be fresh on everyone’s mind. For many, the choice of who to entrust with their precious Android device may not be so easy.

In my eyes, it’s a no brainer. I’d rather have a cheaper plan with more features, the most reliable service, and the ability to roam (onto Verizon, go figure) in the rare need. If you go with Sprint, how can you lose? I think more people will begin to see this now.

Verizon has opened Pandora’s Box. I really hope they thought this through. Good luck. I hope you lose.

  • roy

    It doesn't matter. If you have dared to make an accusation, you've already won (no matter what later evidence has been provided)

  • Ron

    I can't speak for the rest of the country but here in Arizona, Sprints coverage is far less than adequate. So for Sprint to advertise themselves as the most reliable at least here is a joke, as you can't get any signal at all in a great many places. Verizon is by far the best here!

  • Nice post. Verizon is out to separate themselves from every other carrier and this is part of that strategy. It worked well with the Droid so maybe they are on a roll. Sprint has continued to invest in their network but if they go under or are acquired in the near future, Verizon's claim will be true. They would rather let the lawyers sort it out they have the money and the time to spare, Sprint doesn't.

  • lefty

    If Sprint is so great, why have they been bleeding customers to Verizon and ATT for the past several years. I like how sprints commercials start out, "Welcome to the Now Network. Population 49mil." It's like every time the commercial airs, the population goes down.

    How many years has it been since Sprint has reported a positive net add?

    ATT & Verizon consistently add millions more subscribers every quarter and have lower churn numbers. You are all fools of you think sprint is headed in the right direction.

  • XSprinter

    Sprint actually dug their own grave with their piss poor customer service throughout the years. Im neither with Sprint or Verizon, but if I was to choose I would go with Verizon before signing my life away with Sprint… again.

  • Dave Haynie

    When you can get a Sprint signal, of course it's reliable.. you're the only one on that cell. But if you're moving, you're more likely to lose the signal, since they have less range on most cells, and fewer cells. Of course, this is nonsense anyway, both the claim and Verizon's bullying, since you can make either argument, depending on how you define "reliable". Sprint is certainly not saying you're more likely to get a connection, 3G otherwise.. but perhaps, Verizon thinks that's how its being construed.

    Or maybe this fun they're having, trashing AT&T and the iPhone (both of whom sorely need this trashing) has them getting all uppity.

    If you're talking about the ability to get a 3G connection, Verizon is more reliable than Sprint — they simply have more coverage. Much more. I imagine, being CDMA/EvDO based like Verizon, Sprint is an all-3G network (well, add in WiMax, their answer to 4G, in select locations in something like five cities, including Baltimore and Philadelphia), so perhaps you're more likely to get a 3G connection on Sprint vs. AT&T. But Sprint is likely to be at 1900MHz only, not 850MHz like Verizon and, more often, AT&T (though you can't run a full HSDPA channel there.. they really want 10MHz minimum, 5MHz transmit, 5MHz receive). So where they have towers, they don't have the same reach.

    In my area, there's a Radio Shack three miles down the road that sells Sprint stuff, but I can't get a signal at my driveway, much less my house. T-Mobile is fine at the end of the driveway, fades near the garage, usually. AT&T is reliable on the back deck, and sometimes inside. Verizon works in the cellar, 3G and all.

    • Your comments mirror my experience in Iowa also. Size == reliability in the midwest.

    • atoz350

      This post shows that you obviously have no knowledge whatsoever of cellular technology, and are just an average consumer. Verizon has never been more reliable than Sprint, they don't have more coverage. Everything that spewed from your keyboard is all excerpts from Verizon's latest marketing campaign. Sprint is also a CDMA/EVDO Rev. A network, not "an all 3G network" as you stated. That didn't even make sense. WiMax is 4G and belongs to Sprint, TimeWarner, Comcast, and ClearWire. I just hope you don't think Verizon is building that network. Sprint is capable of diplexing either the 1900 mHz or 850 mHz bands. Don't think they are limited.

      And do you honestly think that everytime you walk into a cell phone carrier's store, your signal actually goes up? Newsflash, the store doesn't transmit signal.

      • Kuz

        The store may not transmist signal itself, but you can be damn sure they have repeaters to make sure there isn't an issue with signal on networks they sell (unless they are just crazy). 🙂

        And I have personally found Verizon more reliable than anyone else. Just my personal experience.

  • Genjinaro

    About time someone rounded this up, I left VZW because I found their Mobile Broadband to be superior in New York & Philadelphia & the cost of owning a cellphone + data card was cheaper & insurance on phones was better with Sprint. Verizon was & still is, needlessly expensive & their 3G network could use some speed improvements.

    You couldn’t drag me back to Verizon.

  • carig

    What an unbiased, non-fanboyish article 😛

    you make some good points but the role of defending sprint should be left to their legal team, if they really do have the most reliable network they have nothing to worry about, right? so you can settle down about it

    i'm not saying i like verizon better than sprint, but being a wireless carrier is hard work and when the carrier wars get going like they are now, sprint has to fight for their claims just like everyone else

  • JTurnbow

    What I like most about Sprint outside of the great everything plan prices is being able to upgrade my phone every 12 months instead of 2 years.

    I like phones and I like updating more often at the new customer price.

  • Greg

    Hmm… either the claims of the professional survey are wrong… or the claims of the whiny, Sprint-biased blogger are wrong. Gee, I wonder which it is.

    Come on Android Guys, I'd expect this from TMoNews, let's at least TRY to be professional here.

  • Adam L

    Here in Ohio you have no choice but to go with Verizon. T-Mo, Sprint, and AT&T have 1 or less bars in much of the state and 3G is in few if any places once you leave major cities. I like Verizon though as I can roam with 3G service everywhere and anywhere I want. I live on a 200 acre farm and I have 3G with Verizon, I can and probably never will in the near future be able to say that about anyone elses service. Wish I could as a smaller bill would be nice but you get what you pay for and with Verizon you pay more to get more. Also anyone who works for the state, a church, or a hospital gets a discount with Verizon. My wife and I receive 22% off our bill each month b/c she works for a hospital which actually brings out bill down a large chunk. Heck its $22 off every $100 we spend.

  • Travis

    Sprint 3g best verizon hands down! Verizon may have more coverage but the results will speak for themselves. But Sprint offers more services for less and is a much better all around carrier.

  • Kuz

    I generally like Android Guys, but seriously… you guys really get some rather poor writers in here occasionally. The latest reviews from Consumer Reports (who you can actually trust with not being biased) shows Sprint lagging pretty far behind Verizon on all counts:

    I am not saying all of Verizon's management practices are ideal, but I would still take the reliability of their network over every other I have tried. It's not all that close.

    • I generally don't respond to these kinda comments, but I think this one deserves an exception.

      I feel it wrong of you to stomp on the site for an article that was written based on plenty of supporting facts. Sorry to be blunt my friend, but you clearly didn't do enough research before deciding to bash me and the opinion I expressed above.

      I quoted you many 3rd party sources which support Sprint's superior reliability claim.

      At the link below, you will see the chart you quoted, as well as a "3G Speed and Reliability" chart comparing Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. Please look at the reliability column and do the math. Sprint does, in fact, have the most reliable 3G network, overall.


      Nowhere did I ever claim that Sprint has a higher customer satisfaction rate than Verizon. This article has nothing to do with that. So why on Earth you decided to post a link that discusses a customer satisfaction ranking of overall cellular service (mostly focused on voice and customer service) is beyond me.

      My article states that Sprint, does, in fact, have the MOST RELIABLE 3G NETWORK. Nothing more, nothing less.

      P.S. – Please don't call me a "poor writer" if you can't even structure a sentence properly.
      P.P.S. – If you don't understand what "3G network" means, you can just ask. Anyone on the site can help explain it to you.

  • I live 1 minute from the interstate and 20 minutes to the center of downtown Nashville, TN and no one can get Sprint service at my house or in my neighborhood. Verizon may be more expensive, but the coverage is worth it hands down. I wouldn't trust my business to neither Sprint nor AT&T (which is not nearly as bad as Sprint for coverage). And now that Verizon has the Droid I feel like I am way ahead of the game. Keep it up Verizon!

  • Kuz


    You can can feel free to take issue with my comment, but I stand by it. Your piece smacks of fanboy (whether you are one or not) and to cast one massive telecommunications company as “bullying” another massive telecommunications company is silly. I posted my piece based on the fact that a narrow focus on 3G (which means nothing if your general coverage is not great to begin with) means little in light of Verizon’s overall experience.


    P.S. My sentence structure is fine and I know what 3G is, but I hope your vain attempt at superiority made you feel better. You can go back to screaming about “pure horsesh**” now.

    • Good. You should stand by it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I welcome the criticism.

      I meant no disrespect (and the P.S./P.P.S nitpicking was wrong of me) and I apologize if I offended you. I'm sorry. But please don't bash AndroidGuys because you don't like the opinion expressed in my post. I just don't see why your "poor writer" comment was warranted. Would you mind explaining?

      With regards to your points. I just don't see your logic. I never said that Verizon had a bad experience. I don't think that's the case (not at all). I understand that Sprint has less network coverage. I fully agree with you. But customer surveys of overall service do not reflect actual network performance.

      My article was not based on being a "fanboy" or anything of the sort (I happen to use both Sprint and Verizon). I am merely expressing my opinion of the situation based on the facts in front of me. Sprint's claim is legit, and Verizon, in my opinion, is wrong for asking them to remove it from their ads. Sprint's 3G network is more reliable. Coverage… That may be a different story. I don't recall them claiming to have the best coverage. Verizon wins that hands down.

  • Kuz


    Thank you for the response – in retrospect, I think my comment was douchey, so my apologies on that. I just had a root canal and was likely not in the friendliest frame of mind. Your writing is not poor – really I should have said I did not buy the argument.

    I guess my overall thought is that if I have a hard time getting good reception at all, I am not sure how reliable I would feel the 3G is. I guess your argument is on the basis of all things being equal, who has the better and more reliable 3G. On that, Sprint may very well win out based on the sources you cite.

    If I think of my own situation (and clearly my house location is not the sole deciding factor), but I get great Verizon coverage, but poor Sprint and AT&T. If I cannot get good network coverage, I cannot even get to the comparison point of which 3G is better.

    I am not sure if I was very clear on that before, but that is really the driver behind my posting the Consumer Reports rankings.

    I welcome your thoughts and will cease all Internet-inspired douchebaggery (which I loathe and feel a bit disappointed in myself in engaging in at all).

  • LoL. Douchebaggery is what flame wars are all about. It's what fuels the Interwebs!

    I was a little over ranty, but hey, it's supposed to be extremely opinionated; that was the whole point. I'll work on being a little more subtle next time 🙂

    In my experience, when both of my phones are in service, Sprint happens to rock Verizon's socks off, since I get more, feature-wise, out of it. I know its hard to experience that when you get poor Sprint service, and in that respect, you're 100% right. Verizon is the way to go.

    Truth be told, when I visit my in-laws up in the mountains, I always end up roaming onto Verizon at some point. In major cities though (which is where all the studies happen to have been done), Sprint always comes through for me. I can't recall the last time I had a dropped call or no service. I dunno, maybe I'm special or something.

    Nice to meet you btw 🙂 Hope to run into you again.

  • wow I didn't know hat sprint's 3g networks was better than verizons 3g network. Live and learn live and learn..

  • I have to say that was Verizon user for quite some time, but I was lured by the all you can eat plan about a year ago. Turns out that Sprint doesn’t have great coverage in the one spot in my house where I spend most of my time…in my office! The good news was that Sprint gave me a free Air Rave to boost the signal using my internet. This has worked quite well and I think since I got the EVO the dropped call and missed call number has gone down significantly.
    I do also use an air card which I changed for a mifi and I kept that with Verizon just because…at home when I lose internet…I have to use the Verizon MIFI to get internet access!

    Nashville, TN

  • Thanks a lot for educating the public and especially the users regarding this development with these companies. I am glad to go through the entire episode of this course. It is a nice post.

  • It is exciting to watch this duet between these giants in the mobile phone world.  We users are interested in best things and services.  Both of them are dear to us for one reason or others. thanks.

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