What is the HTC Touch.B Handset?

touchB_001We don’t have much to go on with this one yet, but we could be looking at another Android handset from HTC.  As pointed out by Engadget Mobile, it doesn’t appear to have the prerequisite buttons for a Windows Mobile device, leaving Android as the logical OS under the hood. The lettering is Android green, right?  That has to count for something.

According to MobiFrance, this Touch.B was previously reported with the codename of “Rome.” With no specs, price, release date, carrier or anything worthwhile, we have to wait for the juicy details.  Wait and hope.

Even though this bears more than a passing resemblance to a Droid Eris, we’re crossing our finger that this is the Dragon or something in the 1GHz realm.  Everyone else has started moving the needle and HTC‘s own Touch2 has us green with spec envy.  It’s time to share that type of hardware with us Android fans.

  • sam

    Looks a heck of a lot better than either treatment of the Hero. Looks a little thick…think there's a slide out keyboard hiding there?

  • Matt G

    i swaer to god if this phone doesnt come to tmobile im gonna punch a baby in the face…HARD!

    • David M.

      LMAO, I'm on the same boat …. but before I jump ship I'm waiting till the end of the first quarter in 2010. All I need is an unofficial official anouncement saying we're getting a kick ass phone with TMO. If not I'm waiting to punch a baby in the face just the first person I see perferable right before they're about to eat something lol then I'll jump ship.

  • Kevin

    I KNOW! Good to know I am not the only one who is more than frustrated with tmo. We were the earliest adopters and we don't even have what could be close to a flagship phone!!! I'm writing and opinion piece about it! LOL.

  • The HTC Touch HD hardware kick iphone 3g ass in almost every way, except for the resistive touch screen, if they plan to release this in the US, I hope they switch the screen to a capacitive touch screen.

  • johnkzin

    I wonder if this means we might see an HTC HD2 look-alike with Android… or an HTC Touch Pro 2 look-alike with Android. Those would both be outstanding. Even better would be an HTC Touch Pro 2 with an HTC HD2 screen size 🙂