App Review: CalWidget

calwidgetTired of the standard Google Calendar widget that only shows in that small frame?  Well then, CalWidget may be the answer you are looking for.

This is a Google Calendar display widget that provides users the option to choose from one or more multiple sized widgets that can be placed on the home screen.  In addition to the large selection of sizes, the widget provides a few other options that allow you to:

  • Increase or decrease opacity (my favorite option)
  • Choose to hide or display event locations
  • Access your Google calendar via the widget
  • Change the way all day events display

Size selection ranges from 2×1 all the way through 4×4.  CalWidget seems to have a one-widget-fits-all approach and I like it.  Check it out today.

This App Was Tested Using: MT3G, rooted Cyanogenmod 4.2.5
This App Was Developed by: egg ‘n stone
Presentation: Very simplistic style that makes it nice.  Nothing over-complicated, and the touch of opacity really helps it mesh well with any background you may have.  Dev has mentioned future updates to include: colors, skins, and the ability to scroll through your agenda (hopefully exchange support at some point!)
Value: Free, can’t argue with that!
Stability/Resources: Straight-forward design, works as promised, no performance issues
Bottom Line: This widget is solid, simple, and effective.  Not a lot of bells and whistles here, but it gets the job done while adding a little bit more individuality to your home screen.  If the traditional Google Calendar widget doesn’t meet your needs try out CalWidget. Best in class on the market, IMO.

  • McPace

    Has anyone found a better looking calendar/agenda widget? All the ones I've seen seem so ugly.

  • have you tried Pure Calendar or Pure Grid Calendar?

  • Michael

    Just downloaded it. Great replacement of the Google one. Much cleaner and more viewable. Great post.

  • Christopher

    I second that. I use Pure Calendar, which seems almost identical to CalWidget except with theme support and more features.

  • Ratnok

    I totally agree. It could be a little prettier, but it gets the job done. Customizable and stable. For former WinMo customers, this widget will make you feel right at home. I’ve tried several calendar widgets and this one is the best. It also demonstrates ANOTHER feature the iPhone can’t do.

  • Mark

    It also supports the new Motorola Corporate Calendar (which syncs with Outlook).

  • UncleMatt

    Cool! Thanks!

  • My exchange calendar is pulling through with no problem.

  • Matt

    I've been using this for a while. Love it! For another free calendar widget with a different style check out S2 Calendar Widget. I use it in addition to CalWidget for a quick view of the whole month:

  • Orlando

    Thanks for the suggestion. I like it.

  • someone

    Would be nice to have Market QR Code links on such articles where an app is reviewed, kthxbye 😉

  • B-Rose

    I've been using this app for week. I love it. Works as advertised. This and SMS Popup are probably my favorite two apps.

  • eco

    thanks… it's cool