Inventec N18 Clamshell MID

n18_midNetbook News was in attendance at IT Month in Taiwan where they got some hands on experience with Inventec’s new N18 MID. What’s interesting about this device is that it’s almost a hybrid MID and mini-netbook. Sporting a 4.8-inch WVGA touchscreen, 250GB storage, and a full QWERTY keyboard, the N18 is allegedly available for preorder somewhere for roughly $350 US dollars. We’ve yet to track down someone selling it, so if you come across it, let us know.  Look for this sometime in January 2010.

You’ll notice a grey device on the right side of the video. This N23C is essentially the same unit save for a SIM card slot and wireless EDGE modem. Expect to see it around Q3 of 2010.

Thanks to Nicole Scott for the tip and the video.

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  • uesnyc

    It looks like a nice little machine. But although I'm a huge android fan, I think using android on anything other than a mobile phone or pocket device is useless when you can find a tiny netbook running windows, chrome, or any linux variant. Keep android for the handheld devices. I want to see chrome hit the netbooks

  • ari-free

    4.8-inch is bigger than a phone but still too small for a desktop UI. Plus you'd get the android market and thousands of apps already designed for a touchscreen. Even Windows can't 'touch' that.

  • Sweet toy


    Wow the device is very slow

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  • nice this is cool.. great man!

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