Android Facebook App ‘Bloo’ Updated, Now Free


Bloo, a highly popular Android Facebook application, was recently updated on the Android Market to version 1.4.3. This comes as a welcomed surprise for those who have been following the development of Bloo.  Not too long ago the future of the application was in question due to restrictions placed on Bloo developer Dimitris Couchell that would have forced a discontinuation of future development.

There has been a combination of things that occurred that have incredibly delayed the release of 1.4. To start of I have started to work on a new project (a full time job) information which I cannot disclose as I am on a NDA agreement. At first, I was not allowed to publish further updates or work on Bloo and thus I was unable to continue working on it. – Dimitris Couchell

As of now, the restrictions have lifted and the updates keep coming.  Not only is the app now free, but Bloo enjoys download traffic that sits in the 10,000 – 50,000 range.  The current iteration supports photo tagging, and notification alert style options.  Also included, is the ability to view your wall, check out the latest in the news feed, view profiles and pictures, and calendar sync.  Version 1.4.4 is promised to be coming soon with extra “surprises” the user will love.

To find out more about Bloo and view the change log visit the developers blog at

  • Nick

    Bloo is soooooo much better than Facebook's own app- yay for updates!

  • Kevin

    I agree.. I used the official FB app for a while then on an off chance I tried Bloo…. never went back.

  • Rob

    Bloo 1.4 (and each successive release) is still "beta". The author has been over-promising and under-delivering since Bloo's original release. The author's blog is is rampant with bugs that were supposed to have been fixed in versions previous.

    While it is a decent Facebook application, it is definitely not that great app that the article would make users believe it is. Bloo is still lacking, laggy, and according to the developer "beta", all while being an application that has received less than stellar (and less than honest) communication from its developer.

    • Chris

      I think you are expecting too much from a one time developer. Bloo is a kickass application that beats the hell out of the official app.

      The guy has over delivered in my thoughts. If you think about it, with his full time job and the outcome of Bloo 1.4…

      If you are so dissatisfied either don't post here or make your own.

  • jonathan

    Real Facebook app (for the widget mainly) + (or real FTW. No need for apps.

  • His full time employer is limiting him from it, via linkedin that is:

    Android Software Engineer at Logitech

    • Rob

      While his employer may limit what he can do with his work time, his employer is not forcing him to release software that does not implement its promised features fully. Nor are his employer's "limits" forcing to make a release of beta software, over 2 months after it was expected by users.

  • raul

    he definitely has over-promised and rarely follows through with what he says…BUT, its still (by far) the best android facebook app.

  • Kenya

    i had bloo when i had the mytouch 3g…
    but now i have a blackberry 🙁
    will there be a bloo for blackberries ????