Android to get Clear Channel’s ‘iheartadio’ by Christmas

iheartradioOne of the more popular mobile music and radio apps to come out these last few years is Clear Channel’s iheartradio. Long available for Blackberry and iPhone, it’s about to land on Android in the next few weeks. According to iPhone Developers Journal, the app is slated to arrive in time for Christmas.

Clear Channel is also announcing that this new version 2.2 adds music videos and other on-demand content. As part of this upgrade to the app, Clear Channel and Verizon worked in conjunction to integrate the carrier’s V Cast Music services as well as and enable mobile purchases of song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones. Droid owners on Verizon can expect a special version of iheartradio specifically designed for their network.

Applications like iheartradio are a big part of the future of mobile entertainment. It offers video, audio and embedded data over both real-time streams and on demand. And with this release, it integrates V CAST Music with the app, giving customers easy access to ringtones, ringback tones and full-track OTA downloads. It’s the ultimate in user choice and convenience, and it takes advantage of our advanced 3G network. – Ed Ruth, Verizon Wireless

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  • Richard

    How did I know that Verizon was going to find a way to put their V Crap on their Android phones

    • WootRoot

      Unfortunately I have a feeling thats only the beginning for Verizon and there ways of getting your money… im surprised they arnt trying to take cuts from app purchases through there devices from the market

  • Mick

    Shouldn’t the title read: ‘iheartradio’ and not ‘iheartadio’?

    As for Verizon (or any other carrier) wanting their cut… If they pay for the development of the technology and software, then they want (and may deserve) a return on that investment. However, if they were to take a more market-dependent approach, they might find willing consumers rather than having their product rejected by those with the savvy to embrace lower cost (free) alternatives.


    Honey would be really sweet! Or…how about huckleberry.

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