Camangi WebStation Pre-Orders Start [UPDATE]

webstation_05We just received an email from the fine folks over at Camangi, advising that their WebStation is now available for pre-order.  The only problem is that when we click on the link to place an order, the URL results in a 404 Not Found page.   Maybe the PR team jumped the gun this morning?  The email does not list the price but does mention that we can use our Early Bird coupon.

UPDATE: The price of the unit is $399 US with a $10 savings if you have a promo code.  Yep, ten bucks.

If your order is placed before December 16th, you can expect it to be shipped (for free) out to you by the end of the month.  That is assuming there are no shortages.  While on the subject, due to demand, the WebStation is only available in the US, Japan, and Taiwan for now.  Payment is processed via email should you  decide to order one!

The Camangi WebStation is roughly 1/2 inch thin and sports a 7-inch high-resolution 800×480 screen.  Users can listen to music, watch movies, browse the web and more.  When done, kick out the leg on the back and set it on your coffee table!

  • The store link works now but the early bird coupon is only $10 off of the MSRP of $399. I was thinking seriously about getting one of these but I think I'll take a pass for now.

  • Brie987

    Pass. I Would love to have something like this with wifi to tether to my phone but need flash. The price is a bit much for a 7incher. Ill wait as well.

  • Here's a Google Wave dedicated to Camangi WebStation:

  • I would like to be reseller for this product in kuwait and i would like to get the company contact number or email in order to sign SLA.

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