Want a Free Droid Eris?

two_droid_erisJust got an email from Verizon I thought I would share with you Android Guys and Gals. Forgive me for sounding like a sales man, but, for three days only – 12/4-12/7 – you can buy one Droid Eris for $99 and get a second for free!  You might have heard some whispers about this earlier in the week, but it’s confirmed!

Of course, the standard two-year agreement and email/data plan has to be included.  The email goes on to say that if you place the order online you get free overnight shipping, free activation (Monday through Friday) and additional instant discounts. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Ready, set, GO! Click here for information on the offer.

  • Dave

    Also, buy the Droid get the Droid Eris (or one of three other phones) free.

  • Verizon sucks?

    but Verizon service is expensive

    • Anarkie

      It might be expensive. But with a steady 1.2Mbps connection in most areas, it's well worth it. Hell, AT&T sells 1.5Mbps home DSL for $40/Mo.

  • sam

    The only company without expensive service is Sprint, and that's just because you can get in on the EPRP program for a $60 phone bill. I don't think that "eww, not X company because their service is expensive" is really a valid point with TMO raising their prices and AT&T and Verizon pretty much having the same price structure.

  • eman

    the phone sucks, i cant get any apk files to load to that device, works for all other droids but this one.

  • got a desire much better than the sucking droid

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