See the Future of Search with ‘Google Goggles’

google_gogglesHartmut Neven heads up a team of Google-folk working on a yet another awesome bit of technology. It’s called “visual search” and it works by tying the cameras in your handset to Google’s search engine. And it’s awesome.

Envision this…being able to take a picture of something (anything) and get instant results back on your phone.  As in “less than a second” instant.

“Imagine you’re a tourist and you arrive at this place and you want to know more about it. All you will have to do is take a picture of the sign. We send the information up to the server and we recognize this as the Santa Monica pier. The idea is you see something that interests you, you whip out your camera phone, take a picture of the object of interest, and this will trigger a Google search. – Harmut Neven

Before this hits the real world, it will need to go through the obligatory Google testing process. This mean roughly 20,000 Google employees will “dog-food” the service and put it through the paces. This feedback will be instrumental in making sure everything works as it should before it hits your phone.

Below is a video demonstration of Google Visual Search as well as a sneak peek into a little behind-the-scenes stuff at Google.

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