SugarSync Announces Android Enhancements


tour_sugarsyncSugarSync, a file sync service, recently announced an update that gives users the ability to sync folders between SD cards on Android phone and a user’s computer.  It’s now possible to take any folder from your SugarSync account and have it made available locally on your SD card – even if you are offline!  Further, one can also take folder from an SD card and sync it to a SugarSync.  You can download the latest version of this app from the Android Market today.

Developers also got a little SugarSync love this week with news that they can now write apps that access data stored on other computers and devices.  This of course, comes courtesy of the SugarSync cloud.  This makes it possible for any Android app to be written to browse, work with, and save all files back to the cloud and any synced computers.  For more details on how this works, head to the SugarSync blog!


  1. Available today… I've got version 2 on my phone. What is the latest version? There's no mention of it at the sugarsync website and the Market doesn't show that my version needs updating.

  2. Anyone else use Egnyte? I've had a great experience with the solution and accually used Dropbox and Sugarsync before switching to Egnyte.