Build Your Own Droid Stand out of a Business Card

droid_stand1We’re all for saving a buck or two when it comes to cell phones and gadgets.  That’s why it pleases us to share this simple post on how to create your own Droid stand for your bedside table or desk.  Built with a simple business card, you can knock this one out with a few quick folds!  Naturally this also works for the Milestone.  Bonus points awarded because it allows the phone to charge while “docked.”

This stand works as a perfect companion to the free app called “Dock Runner” which tricks the Droid into thinking it’s connected to the dock.

Source: (translated)

  • Ikeaphobe

    What do "falten" and "schneiden" mean in English? How about a photo of the finished card instead of the Ikea diagram?

  • thisisme

    falten = fold
    schneiden = cut

    Basically looks as though you fold on the grey lines, cut on the red line. Have to play with it to figure it out, but unless you get a right angle micro usb charger, i dont see how this will allow you to charge it at the same time. You'd need about 2 inches of clearance on the bottom of the phone to charge it with the straight USB or the usb cable will push it up out of the stand

  • thisisme

    ok, just made one and played with it. kinda wobbly, but it works. You'd still have to lift it somehow to get the charger to work in it, or get yourself a right angle usb micro charger.

    link to image

  • Rob

    I got a gogostand instead. It's the same size as a credit card and isn't wobbly and looks good when i'm watching movies on the plane. It didn't cost a fortune, only $5, but I was hoping for quantity discounts … I emailed the owner and turns out he's got a buy 3 get 1 free special going on. I picking up a set to give as little gifts to coworkers.
    link to the The $5 iphone stand :

    • David Z

      Rob — I have 2 questions re: the gogostand for the Droid. First, will it fit thru the slots if the phone has a case of some kind on it? Second, can it be used with the charger cord sticking out from the bottom? Thanks. — David