Google Goggles Now a Reality – Download Today!


google_goggleWe just learned of the new Visual Search from Google over the weekend, but it turns out the search service is ready to go!  Forget that waiting period we were expecting while Google employees tested the app out.  Apparently, they’ve been playing with this for months now.

Head to the Android Market and download Google Goggles and get in on the new way of searching.  Using your camera phone, you can snap a picture of books, landmarks, artwork, places, contact information get Google results instantly.  Yes, it’s free!  Perhaps it’s the skeptic in us but we tried this out a couple of times and found the app to be considerably more accurate than expected. 

There’s a handy video that helps users understand what works well and what doesn’t.  This will be one app we’re going to enjoy watching evolve!


  1. The greatest thing about google, that no other company does is this: every time they put something new out… I end up saying… That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Sure enough, google goggles is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Been playing with it all morning and it is surprisingly accurate.

  2. Why dont you guys put the code symbol on your articles of the applic ations your taking about. Make it easier than having to go to the lousy market looking for it. Thanks anyway, great article.

  3. You wanna know what's not cool? Android is already on its way to following in the footsteps of Windows Mobile – leaving people behind. Why not make the application 1.5 compatible, and then releasing an update for the application once the Hero, Eris, and Cliq are updated to 2.0?

    This type of stuff makes me wish for the "One Phone, One OS" model that Apple employs.

  4. I downloaded it to my G1, opened the app, turned around and took a picture of a print hanging on my wall, and within a few seconds the full history of the painting was at my finger tips. The print was of an obscure Picasso, one that was put into archives after only one exhibition. I was very impressed.

    Man, Navigation+Google Voice+Goggles+Listen, etc… Android is getting good.

  5. So, how does one suggest that a guy from Norway can download Goggles to his HTC Tattoo when Android Market does not offer this download? Any suggestion/download link would be much appreciated!:0)

  6. HTC Tattoo camera is useless for tasks like that, no focus and no quality at all. I have one and i feel like i was robbed by HTC. No decent camera (my 2megapixel 30 buck cellphone cam is way better) no bluetooth file transfer… and i dont understand all the discussion about android 2.1 in Tattoo… i sent an email to HTC and they said there will be no 2.1 update for my crapy Tattoo… sell it fast or root it.