Motorola’s ‘Opus One’ Could be First iDEN Handset to run Android

moto_opus_001Even though the list of carriers with iDEN support is a short one, Motorola is still committed to supporting the technology.  Naturally, we’d expected the handset maker to start offering Android-based iDEN units before too long.  If BGR’s new tipster is correct, the first model to offer the push-to-talk service will be the Opus One.

There are no specs or prices to share at this time, but we’ve narrowed the list of potential (US) carriers down to the following: Airpeak, ARINC, Boost Mobile, Connect Net, Space Data, Sprint, and SouthernLINC Wireless.  Based on somewhat recent comments from Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha, our first inclination would be to guess Sprint and Boost Mobile.

In iDEN we will continue to refresh the portfolio, which will also include Android-based devices.  We continue to have pretty good traction with iDEN and with the recent renewed focus from Sprint on prepaid, we have a pretty good market share with Sprint in prepaid and we’re improving our relationships with not just Sprint, but every single North American carrier across the portfolio. -  Sanjay Jha (CEO)

Boost Mobile is a division of Sprint Nextel and currently offers an all-you-can-eat $50 plan that includes nationwide unlimited talk, text (MMS & SMS), wireless Web, Walkie-Talkie, voicemail, long distance.



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    What is iDEN?

    • a meme, I hope this thing is rugged. With the exception of that iMate phone and some very bulky WinMo devices there are no smartphones on the market that are even remotely close to being rugged enough to use outdoors or that can survive occassional drops that could also be carried in the pocket without a big bulge. Details: