Samsung Galaxy 2 Rumors Start Up

galaxy_2The Samsung Galaxy has only been out for a few months but that won’t stop the rumor mill from starting up with talks of a followup device.  Thanks to a twitter user going by the name of “eldarmurtazin”, we might know some of the specs from one of the next Android handsets from Samsung.

“Samsung galaxy2, 4inch amoled, r-resistive display, 32 gb onboard, android 2.1, some samsung services. Launch 2q10 or later. Try it, like it” – eldarmurtazin

As much as we love the sound of a 4-inch, 32GB device with Android 2.1, we’re treating this as a completely unconfirmed rumor for now.  We suggest you don’t hold your breath either.  It’s entirely too easy to tweet something like this and get the hype machine rolling.  But… if these specs prove to be right, then we’re in for a treat!

Source: Samsung Hub

  • J5Chicago

    This is the droid you are looking for.

    • jerry

      Samsung will put a 1GHz Snapdragon processor in the Galaxy 2. The screen will measure 3.7 inched and be an AMOLED display (touch-screen of course).

      For storage it is expected that the Galaxy 2 will have 32GB and for image capture a 5 mexapixel sensor will be included.

      More details:

  • You've missed previous tweets:

    HTC Halo – standby time 20 hours, video (play time) – 3.30 hours. Hate microusb on device, like on desktop stand. No Flan inside yet
    5:52 PM Dec 5th from web

    Playing last days with HTC Halo and HTC Dream. Possibly tell more about them in next days. Halo have 10 inch display btw 🙂 touch display
    12:54 PM Dec 5th from web

  • Jonny

    Resistive screen? What in the holy hell? Talk about a sure-fire way to ensure that the sequel is worse than the mediocre original.

  • R-resistive, which is supposed to combine the best of capacitive and resistive screens.

  • luke

    if true, these specs are a great step-up from the original, but let's hope samsung get the basics right this time- the galaxy has a lot going for it (great screen, d-pad, no trackball, doesn't look like an 80's tv remote like htc's android phones) but suffered from a stupid unlock button, volume & camera buttons that are too easily pressed in your pocket and keep it awake draining the battery and a frustrating resistance on samsung's part to upgrading the OS for users.

  • former customer

    Just be aware buyers aren't going to get anything beyond Android 2.1; it's Samsung's policy.
    When newer version of Android comes they're pushing out a new phone with new Android and hope the existing users are dumb enough to buy a new Samsung; just like they did with Galaxy GT-i7500

  • Joost Bloemsma

    Sounds great, but will it get Android 2.2 !?