Google Maps Update – What’s Nearby You?

android_nearby_mapsGoogle has added a new feature called “What’s nearby” to the latest release of Google Maps (v3.3.0).  The feature finds and displays a list of the ten nearest businesses or other places of interest to whatever address you specify on your map.

You can access the feature by long pressing on your map.  Once the address loads, and the pop-up comes on the screen, press on the pop-up in order to bring up your map ‘options’.  Within the options press on “What’s nearby”.  Additionally, once you select one of the suggested locations it brings up all the traditional map options for your selection. (i.e. directions, navigation, phone number, street view, web URL, and available reviews)

This will be a handy travel companion for anyone who finds themselves in an unfamiliar area, or it could be used to find places you never knew existed in your own home town.  Download and try out the new version of Google Maps today and let us know what you think of “What’s nearby”.

Read more about “What’s nearby” at the official Google Mobile Blog

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  1. @caioiglesias
    December 09, 01:49 Reply

    how do i get this version? who has it? android 1.6? 2.0?

  2. Chuck Falzone
    December 09, 04:22 Reply

    They pushed another update out today, 3.3.1. Didn't notice anything new in it yet tho over 3.3.0

  3. @MatthewPatience
    December 09, 17:12 Reply

    1.5 isn't able to see it in the Market? I have an HTC Dream but I upgraded to 1.6, so I'm curious if 1.5 got it because I don't think there is a change in apps in the market between 1.5 and 1.6.

    • Chuck Falzone
      December 09, 20:50 Reply

      1.5 did not get it. I think the apps visible in the Market do depend on what OS version you are on. I know someone on 1.5 who reports seeing neither the Maps update nor Google Goggles in the Market.

      • @visionmix
        December 11, 01:09 Reply

        Apps available in the market do depend on the OS version you run… for example, layars up until recently was not available in the market for droid users.

  4. Mutia
    June 15, 04:59 Reply

    always love google maps.. Very helpful..

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