Droid 2.0.1 Update Now Rolling Out – Did You Get Yours?

droid_upgradeIs Verizon playing Santa with its latest Android 2.0.1 OTA Update for the Motorola Droid?  As I sit here patiently waiting for my over-the-air push of the update, (some of you may already be sipping the eggnog) I have headed over to Verizon’s site to see what’s included in the stocking.

Verizon’s ability to provide us with an update in short period of time since the release date of the Droid has me confident that they’re in this for the long haul.  The update fixes bugs with the auto focus of the camera, extends battery life, improved stability of the OS and a whole slew of other goodies.

One I like in particular is the updated sync with Google contacts and updated calendar functionality (hoping to see the ability to accept a meeting request)  Being that I work in a corporate environment, it’s nice to see Verizon/Google taking responsibility to improve these features to market this phone to the corporate world.

I’m sure this is the first of many updates as it has been mentioned that we could see another one early January. If you haven’t gotten the push notification as of yet, Verizon has stated that all Droid owners should receive the update by the 11th

Already have the update, leave us a comment letting others know what to expect and your feelings about the update.

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  1. Schuyler
    December 09, 21:27 Reply

    I wish they would provide an update so that I can voice dial from my bluetooth headset. The Motorola site says they are aware of the problem, but that doesn't help those of us who live in states that require hands-free phone use in moving vehicles. Had I known I would not have gotten the Droid.

    • Evan S.
      December 11, 04:56 Reply

      All you have to do is hold the Find key down for a second. It'll open the voice search, and you just say "Call *name*" or "Call *number*". You don't really even have to look at the phone to do that much. Anyway, I'm not trying to start trouble. I live in NY State, and they have the same law, so I feel your pain, good sir.

      • jeff
        December 11, 15:07 Reply

        Where is the find key?

  2. iHEART_android
    December 09, 21:59 Reply

    can you provide a link to the part about Verizon officially saying all owners will have the update on dec 11th? Other sites are saying that on dec 10th 200,000 more droid owners will get the update, then every day after another 200,000 more owners until all owners have the update (well lets see about 1 million people have bought the droid so this could take about 5 days if this is true)

    • @JessPerrecaJr
      December 09, 23:29 Reply

      I'll have to check this out as I haven't heard anything about this. In the Documents posted and memo that went out from Verizon it stated Dec 11th. and a Target date for the 2nd update slated for January 22nd 2010.

      It's coming so be patiaient. I do however want to stress that I wouldn't manually install the update from a download in some forums that I have seen.

  3. Patrick
    December 09, 22:04 Reply

    I already got hte update, but I was wondering what happens when you do a manual update in the About section of settings? Anyone try it

    • Alan
      December 10, 00:05 Reply

      He isn't talking about manually updating through your phone's OTA capability. He is talking about downloading the update file from a website, then installing it on your phone.

  4. JessPerrecaJr
    December 10, 00:10 Reply

    Correct Alan, Thanks for pointing that out.

    WHen the update arrive to your phone it will store in your manual update on your Droid.

    What I was referring to above was that, ther're some sites/forums out there that are posting a download of the update that you can manually install before receiving the update from Verizon.

    Although it may be stable, I don't suggest it so download and install at your own risk.

  5. Gary Harris
    December 10, 04:23 Reply

    I did the manual install and it is very easy, and works perfectly, and the update is AMAZING, my droid is sooo much better now, super smooth and very fast web page loading.

  6. Kuz
    December 10, 17:08 Reply

    I got the notification for the update this morning and installed it. Camera does seem more responsive than before (woo!) and so far, things are generally running fine. The last week or so I had been having an issue with some programs just randomly shutting down, so hopefully this will correct that.

    I did find it kind of interesting that they changed the default unlock option (at least appearance-wise).

    I am going to go and check the Contacts now. That was a bit of a gripe I had where they just did not seem to sync well all the time with my Gmail/Google Apps contacts. If they fixed this up, I will be a happy camper… although I have been really happy with the Droid anyway. : )

  7. pauly
    December 10, 20:17 Reply

    does this update offer the ability to do a global font size increase?

  8. ALAN
    December 11, 00:09 Reply

    Would any of you happen to know when the rest of us will get the update, ???????

    • JessPerrecaJr
      December 11, 21:58 Reply

      hopefully if you haven't already by the end of tonight

  9. George
    December 11, 00:30 Reply

    downloaded the update and the phone has locked and no longer works. Couldnt reset with even a hard reset. Download at your own risk

  10. Cameron
    December 11, 14:33 Reply

    Camera is MUCH better! Phone seems to run a lot better too.

  11. Rob
    December 11, 15:25 Reply

    The update performed flawlessly. It took about 10 minutes. The unlock button and the clock font is different. The camera picture quality may be slightly improved; the jury is still out. It is faster… maybe 25% faster to start and snap but the delay after the snap is still there. The app that you go to to look at the pic from the camera is slower for some strange reason. The phone has been stable so far.. only time will tell. I didn't have echo or sound quality issues. The browser may be a bit snappier.

  12. Michael
    December 11, 17:45 Reply

    Downloaded it this morning and found a glitch. I edited a contact by adding a phone number. After I hit "done" the contact disappeared from my contact list. The contact is still there in my favorites, and in my call log, but gone from the contact list. Anyone else want to try it and see?

    • JessPerrecaJr
      December 11, 21:59 Reply

      Not sure about this, I have tried now three times to recreate your issue and haven't been able to do so.

      • Tiffany
        December 12, 05:10 Reply

        Did you get this resolved? If so, how? I have had a similar problem. All of my contacts are missing that weren't in my google contacts. But some are still in my favorites and if I search a name that is now missing from contacts it will bring it up. I have called Verizon and they can't figure it out. My next step is to call Motorola. Any suggestions would be appreicated.

        • moonatics
          December 12, 20:37 Reply

          go to contacts – display options – you'll find your contacts are still there, you just need to change to show all of them.

  13. Mal
    December 11, 21:58 Reply

    if you havent purchased the phone yet, when you buy it will it have the update already on it?

    • JessPerrecaJr
      December 12, 19:13 Reply

      I would have to think that new product shipping to the store will be updated.

  14. Rob
    December 11, 22:00 Reply

    I had no trouble adding a phone number to a contact. It did take a long time to save but I think there were other apps taking up cpu. The music app was playing songs and I had just copied a bunch of new songs to the sdcard. Does anyone know how this phone gets the album art? My experience has been a mixed bag, with the art usually getting dropped.

    • JessPerrecaJr
      December 12, 19:14 Reply

      i suggest the app tunewiki much better than the standard music app and it fetches album art really well

  15. Suzanne
    December 12, 01:46 Reply

    I downloaded the update this morning, and now my phone no longer orients to landscape view for entering text using the soft keyboard. Since the slideout keyboard is so touchy (too easy to push neighboring keys), the update makes it nearly impossible to enter text easily. All I have access to for soft touch entry is the portratin oriented mode.

    any suggestions?

  16. guest
    December 14, 16:34 Reply

    I was wondering if anybody had a similar problem with their Droid – when the phone is on vibrate, my text messages stay silent and I only realize that I have a text message when the green light is flashing (and I happen to look at my phone). I realize that's not the topic of this thread but just thought I would throw it out there. Thanks.

  17. Aron
    December 15, 14:25 Reply

    Still havent gotten my update…anyone else not gotten theirs?

  18. Carrieberrie
    January 26, 12:39 Reply

    Mine did that too! I depend on the vibration when I’m at work etc. What I can tell you helped, was downloading a free app called handcent sms that looks like messaging on an Iphone. And then it vibrated very vigourously! And you can type in a quick response. I like it!

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