September 23, 2014

'FDA Drugs' App for Android Released

fda_logoMobile app maker SigmaPhone has announced the release the ‘FDA Drugs’ app for Android. Designed to help medical professionals make decisions quicker and confidently, the app contains built-in official information for a whole host of products approved by the US FDA.  This includes 141 therapeutic biologicals, 13,442 prescription and 526 over-the-counter human drug products.  

FDA Drugs offers a complete list of FDA approved drugs, including ingredient, dosage, form, market status and more.  If such a thing exists, it will also list therapeutic equivalents and/or official package inserts for the products helping users find generic products for brand names.

The app can be purchased in the Android Market for $2.99 effective immediately.

fda_app_01 fda_app_02

Source: 24-7pressrelease | Images courtesy of AndroLlib

Use Barcode Scanner to get this from the Android Market!

Use 'Barcode Scanner' to get this from the Android Market!

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