Greystripe offers Android Developers Another Way to Monetize Apps

greystripeGreystripe, a mobile advertising network specializing in rich media, has started offering their ad formats to Android developers looking for effective ways to monetize their applications. After delivering ads on over 300 million games and apps for iPhone and Java, the company is expanding into Android with an SDK.

This software developer kit allows for pre-roll, interstitial and post-roll inventory. Watch the video below to see how ads appear within a casual game. Greystripe claims that these rich media full-screen ads generate a higher click through rates (CTR) however, TechCrunch has heard the results are similar to those of AdMob. Google recently acquired AdMob so it will be fun to see how the whole app monetization situation plays out.

  • DarkFox

    That looks really annoying…

  • Much cleaner than AdMob. I think I prefer it, but then again I'll need to see it in action on my own phone.

  • zardoz

    Ads in apps is such a crap. IMHO it's freemium or die. (freemium = free + premium version)

  • Guest

    'Monetize' should be put on a linguistic 'no-fly' list. A list of words that should be treated with the utmost contempt, like 'weaponize', 'bioterror', 'dirty bomb', etc.