Unconfirmed Rumor: Motorola Motus to AT&T

motus_backflipEngadget Mobile is reporting tonight that one of their tipsters has hit them up with some Motorola Motus rumors.  If you read the title of this post, you already know where it’s headed.  Allegedly, the Motus is going to land on AT&T‘s network around April or May of next year.  That’s pretty far off if you ask us.  It’s hard to imagine them dropping this as part of their first Android-based handsets when other carriers will be rolling out considerably beefier phones.

Here’s a list of details and rumors that were shared with Engadget Mobile.  We trimmed these down a touch so head to the original post if you’d like the full effect.

  • The keyboard flips backwards, facing outward when the phone is closed. When open, the underside has a trackpad which allows for scrolling the screen. Confusing to you too?
  • A third hinge position keeps the phone upright — think video display or alarm clock
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash mounted on the keyboard. The weird, white shape on the keyboard is supposedly a webcam of sorts.
  • It runs MotoBlur
  • Keys are backlit and “domed”
  • At 3/4″ thick, it’s “enough to be bulky in your pocket.”
  • Tipster “thinks he was told it runs Snapdragon but that’s contradictory to previous rumors of the 528MHz chips found in most phones.
  • It “seemed very responsive”.
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