Android User Survey

surveyAn interesting thing occurred to me the other day when I was looking at the statistics for my Motorola Dext video review on YouTube. As I noticed the age range of the viewers it made me think about who the average users of Android devices are. I don’t want to give too much away just yet but I decided that I wanted to find out more.  That is why I am asking for all of you Android users to spend just 30 seconds answering these few questions. I will collate the data once I have had a good amount of responses and post an article detailing my findings. I appreciate you taking the time out to do this.

Who do you think uses Android? What is the average age? Where are they based? How do you think they compare to the average iPhone user?

  • John Lane

    The survey was interesting, but I'd also like to see who is running what in which networks. For instance, even though ATT at this point doesn't have an Android offering, I am running an HTC Magic on their network. They didn't offer what I wanted when I was ready to change phones so I purchased an unlocked phone instead. I don't miss the 3G network since I can Wifi into the internet at multiple of places.

    • johnkzin

      @John Lane:

      what do you do for OS updates? Do you get the OTA updates even though you're not on a supported carrier? Do you have to download and update by hand? or are you using a non-default android version, and have to do the download and update dance anyway?

    • Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking about doing a network question but I wasn't sure how relevant it was to learning who the average user was. If this goes well I may do a more broader survey that includes more questions.

  • UK and Europe as two separate choices?

    • Yes because I wanted to include UK as part of the demographic and not just Europe. That's why I put "Other" and left a space for people to put their country in. Easier that way.

  • @Phroghollow

    I`d like to see another text field for the "Do you Buy Paid Apps" "Why?" because due to my carrier actively blocking the Android Paid Apps I am unable to purchase paid apps, so its not that I don`t want to buy paid apps but that I am not able to. Still looking at rooting my phone shortly and circumventing that.

  • Even i like to take reviews when i post on some forums
    or when i am on social networking sites. Ad it shows
    me that what are the people interested in and then
    i would get all the required information.

  • Cameronlogin

    please may i use this image in my GCSE course work