Clean Up Your Android Desktop with ‘Apps Organizer’

app_organizer5Are you finding yourself filling up most or all of your Android desktop screens with shortcuts and widgets?  Those with the “stock” Android experience will tell you it’s pretty easy to clutter three panels.  Most of us hate scrolling through the app drawer so we drop an icon or two on the desktop.  The problem with this is that after a couple of frequently used and apps and widgets are placed, it can be just as time consuming to hunt down the icon.  Deep customization is nice, but it can be tedious to navigate.  Enter ‘Apps Organizer.’

Apps Organizer adds even more personalization and customization to your Android desktop screens.  This control is provided by giving each of your apps a label.  You can associate your applications  with one or more labels which are then used to create shortcuts on your Android home screen(s). The app comes with preset labels, but have the ability to create, rename, and delete labels.  Further, Apps Organizer comes with custom icons for labels with more available via download.  Adding a star to an application automatically filters it to the top of any list, regardless of label.

Apps Organizer can be found in the Android Market for free!

Use BarCode Scanner to download this app today!
Use 'BarCode Scanner' to download this app today!
  • eYe

    I don’t see how’s this any different from just creating a folder and throwing in the right apps int it. Rip-off IMHO.

    • BigHeat

      This is far better than folders, not only because you save dragging each app to one or more folders by managing app and label associations in list form, as Jimbo831 points out below, but also because of how Android handles home screen objects.

      Application shortcuts within "stock" folders are treated as unique objects and stored in memory. If you have one folder with 20 apps inside it, the home screen "manages" that as 21 objects (folder, plus app shortcut). With App Organizer, the same association results in just one object for the home screen to manage. That shortcut then calls Apps Organizer to pull the associated apps.

      It's a great app.

    • wiz

      Rip-off? The app is free. =)

  • Jimbo831

    If you don't, then you obviously didn't read the article or use the app. This is much easier than folders as you can assign the label to the app directly, rather than dragging apps to folders. It is easier to apply multiple labels to an app, as opposed to dragging them into multiple folders. Finally, you can star any apps you use a lot so they are always at the top of the list for you.

  • Kojak Web

    Originally I would set up folders on the desktop, but the contents of them would disappear from time to time (e.g. switching from theme to theme on the Hero). Enter Apps Organizer, which is a godsend. The reviewer only covers half the story, because the application is all fine and well, it's the shortcuts which are great use. You can either install individual folders (akin to folders, albeit with the ability to choose icons), or the master folder. Clicking on this brings up the individual folders, and it's really a quick and easy way to find your apps without having to hunt around in the Android app drawer.

  • Matt

    I use and LOVE Apps Organizer. One of my home screens is solely dedicated to Apps Organizer label shortcuts. So much better than folders because of speed and the fact that the icons will always stay in their alphabetical order inside their labels.

    Also, when you install new apps all you need to do is open Apps Organizer, open the "Other apps" category at the bottom of your already labeled list of apps, and find all your unlabeled apps, where your new app will show up. Beats trying to dig around your app drawer while it refreshes to accommodate the new apps only to find the developer uses a different "short name" for their app.

    ALSO one of my FAVORITE features is the ability to uninstall any of your labeled apps from the home screen with a simple long press > uninstall.

    Thanks for covering this great app!

  • Mike

    How do you get more icons?

  • without doubt, this is one of the best innovative apps in the market. I tried aHome etc to enhance/ increase the number of apps available to view on the home screen. But the system slows down drastically. I use G1, hence I do not have much memory too. Apps organizer has solved my problem. Now with 112 apps (right now), I still have one home screen page free, and I now remember each and every apps with ease. I use them regularly with ease. I am waiting for more additions from the developer, such as renaming the apps, and adding different icons.

  • tim

    i am new at this app can someone please help me with this app. i got it installed and i like it but how do i get ride of the app icon when i have it on my app organizer? i tried to click on the app and dragging it to the trash can . when i do that it is still there. thanks tim [email protected]

  • I wanna find more info about this, anybody could?

  • This app is great, it gave the basic idea for the AutoAppOrganizer what is became more powerful with AUTO categorization, UNUSED application monitor etc (beside all standarsd features).

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