Download DRM-Free Music on Your Android Phone with Mewbox



Music download service Mewbox was recently launched for Android smart phones and the Android-powered Archos 5 Internet Tablet. Mewbox is offering around 4 million tracks from over 23,000 labels. All music available via this service is DRM-free, meaning you can move it to and from whatever device you like.

3-150x150As of this moment, you cannot download Mewbox from the Android Market – users must download it from their site. Having downloaded the application on my own, I can tell you that the user interface is extremely attractive and very slick.  I should also note that the site includes a very thorough set of directions on how to use the application which I found to be very useful.

Source: via  AndroidAndMe


    • Mewbox is biling themselves as "The World's First Android Music Store" which must offend Amazon, but then I thought about it, and realized Amazon is not allowed in many over seas markets. Mewbox is available to the "whole world."

  1. meh…I tried it. Don't like it. The interface is pretty enough, but only works in landscape mode. Moreover the tracks cost 1.19 punds….or $1.93. I'll stick to's $.99 drm music and IMO easier to use interface.